30 December 2009


How's that?? ....
I'm not sure whether any of you remember bout this pic.
It has been years ago where this pic of this place was spread through email saying that there's an indoor beach type in Japan where you can go there any season of the year as it's hot all year round.
Actually, to be exact, it's not a beach but an indoor waterpark something like SUNWAY LAGOON but in HAWAIIAN style!
Went there last night to watch the famous HULA GIRLS performance and seriously I couldn't stand the heat.
I did rather die from coldness than the heat!
Also, supposed to go to the waterpark today but after experienced the last night heat, honestly told my host family I didn't want to go back there.
Afterall, I don't really fancy waterpark and even when I'm back in Malaysia, I think I've only went to LAGOON for not more than 3 times?!!..
Uhhh .... I guess that's all for today!
Oh YEAH!..Before signing off, I just wanna share something..
I'll be going to ......

... & ...
on the Jan 5th!..
ENVY ME!~lol~

28 December 2009


Yesterday transferred to 2nd host in "FUKUSHIMA".
From "RIGHT" to "LEFT" - - TOWAE , ME , MAMA - -
Scenery back there is the PACIFIC OCEAN!
This host famlily I'm stayin' with now is .. ..
Hrmphhh....Not sure whether to say LUCKY or ??
What I was tryin to say is that my host family's grandson is in Malaysia and is my mum's friend's YE
What a coincidence right?? There's also a story behind this.
My host dad actually said he was the one who decide which place we are suppose to go(since he's the YE Chairperson of LC), and ...
At first, he was actually thinking whether to take me in or the other girl in base on our biodata and everthing.
Anddd.....Guess what??...I think I'm the lucky one to be here orelse I'll be in IWATE now!!
Whats more is that .... Okaeyyy .... I think I did better not tell in here ... ~LOL~
Well, a week of stay here with them and I'm back to Malaysia!
YADAAaaaaaaa ~

25 December 2009


Wishing everyone a ...

This year will be a little special since I`ll have a WHITE XMAS!
Xmas Eve was really cool too..
Never had a wonderful one before and I guess that`s the best one in my life so far!
Why was it so special, you might be thinking?!

It`s because....


Nooo, not telling in here coz it might sound alittle weird.
Overall, it was kinda fun, weird , funny and different I would say!
Hrmppp....That`s all from me today!
Once again wishing my family, friends, cousins, relatives and everyone that I know whether we`re close or not..but who cares..

22 December 2009

Message from 山形

Hello peepz!
I`m doing great here in 山形。
It`s super duperly crazily cold here.
The whole town has turned into a WHITE TOWN since last Friday.
Uuwahh .... There`s so many things to talk about and I don`t know exactly where to start.
Since I came here, I think I`ve learned more about myself than when I`m back in Malaysia.
How should I put it in words..
Hmmpphhh .... Nevermind, I can`t even describe it myself!
Time flies ... It has been the 7th day already.
After this week, I`ll be off to 福島.
Looking forward to meet my 2nd host family!
All I can say is that I`ve grown up alot after coming here for the 2nd time.
The 1st time was an immature me and now, ..... I can speak and communicate with those Japanese and I realized I`m not that childish anymore.
Wuahahha..People who knows me well, especially my family might laugh when they read this!!
AndOo..Yeshh!...Got on WEBBIECAM yesterday with my family..
I`m smart enough to figure out myself the ways of turning on the webcam on this PC!!
Call me GENIUS!! 私は天才だ。 *笑*
-Greetings from suetyin in 山形-

14 December 2009


After a long wait, the day has finally arrived.
Excited, at the same time worrying for no reasons.
It's kinda weird that I'm taking alot of things in consideration these days.

Whatsoever!!!..1st host family will be in Yamagata Prefecture and 2nd will be in Fukushima Prefecture.
My guess is that my 1st host will be those traditional type of person?!
Investigation ... crimes ... managing ... director ... That's what my host daddie does.
Cleaning ... house keeping ... management and blabla ... You know what my host mommie do now.
Whatelse??!!..Might have a host sista!..and a host brother, maybe!
If YES, they don't live together ... That means, I'll be accompanying 2 senior citizens!LOL
Grandchildren will come and visit during festive seasons and will have a really lively or lovely time?!
Oookaee, my imagination is running wild already.

Now I have takoyaki, sushi, okonomiyaki, beef and all sort of Japanese food in my mind.
I wonder will I be able to step in Disneyland again along with Disneysea~DISNEY CHARACTERS~
Well, anythingwilldoaslongasit'sstillJAPAN!

行って来ます ~ I'll go and come back

07 November 2009



♥♥ JOCといっしょうに行った。♥♥
そして、このOne Piece を買った。
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

24 October 2009

新しい ~Style~


16 October 2009


I turned 20 today
Soon I will not be called a teenager
I think I'm just not getting use to it

I missed being a kid
I don't wanna grow up
But I still have to live on ,growing old

I always wish to be an adult
This was back back then
It was because I hated school

When I came to a certain age
I didn't want to grow up
Cos I think I'm not ready yet

Whatever it is..
I'm now 20
Moving forward in life

Though this is not easy
But I'll try to make it seems like
This is the 20 year old ME

15 October 2009

Birthday Messages

今日 先生に バスデイカードをもらった。
先生が 書いたメーセジを感動した。
中に 麻衣ちゃんが 作ったカードだ。
麻衣ちゃんが 上手だね。



02 October 2009

My Pet,Loliblast

Introducing "Loliblast", my pet from PET SOCIETY.
From no where, I received a Loliblast Plushie sent from Pahang.
It really freaks me out at first cos I wasn't expecting any delivery from Pos Laju.
The time I open the package, the first thing I saw was the feet and I thought it was a doll.
At that moment, it seriously freaks me out as I thought "ISs this a PRANK or whaaattt??"
Or maybe kena JAMPI or something like that which makes me feel really uneasy.
Then, guess what I did next?? I kept on telling mum that I don't know who the sender is and I thought I should leave it aside as I don't dare to take it out from the package.
Afraid it might really FREAK ME OUT when I see something unpleasant, you get what I mean?..
What I imagined was like a horrible ugly doll with scary notes on the face!!~LAUGH TILL U DROP~
It really bothers me alot at that time. I kept on try to figure out who was the one who is so evil!!~LAUGH OUT~
Meantime, mum was FREAKed out too since I said those scary stuff and I actually also tried to convince her to bring out the doll from the package.
Know why??Cos at the same time I wanted to see what type of face does the doll has even though it's scaryy!~AHA~
Minutes later, after trying to figure out who was the sender, I decided to make a move and brought the doll out from the package.
On it, there was a tiny card which says >HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY & HAPPY PET SOCIETYING! From,NELLY<
LAUGH DIE ME ... Thisss isss tooooo muccchhhh!!! Out of no where all of a sudden~
Mum and I kinda got PRANKED!! WE LAUGHed TILL WE DROP!!
So, that's where I got my pet, Loliblast and that's my 1st 20th Birthday present!
Pretty exciting and at the same time horrifying for the 1st Birthday present!
Anyways, THANKsss, NELLYyyyyyy!

22 September 2009

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan

Holiday has always been like that,
iPod-ing and NDS-ing in the car for hours,
going around looking for food.

Breaking all the dieting rules,
eat as mush as I can and while I can.

Spending hours in front of the PC,
doing online shopping and foruming,
not to forget watching Mr. Brain and BOSS.

Next to the nursery,
looking for plants and flowers,
unexpectedly admiring the water plants.

Came back home,
planning what to do,
and that's where I landed,
here in my blog .. BLOGGING!

03 September 2009

Stalking SS501

Here is my story of stalking SS501 today!lol
My friend, Michele informed me that SS501 will be having a fan signature event in 1 WORLD HOTEL yesterday.
At first I was a little reluctant to go coz I'm not those type of person who will go crazy after a superstar until that stage of stalking or attending events like this!
But I actually decided to go as I thought I wanna make it a one time life experience!
Still, I was not like those fans who will run around and chase after them.
Well, let me begin with the story already.
After class around 4.10pm, we left university for the event at 1 WORLD HOTEL.
Once we reached there, we bought some breads to eat as our dinner!*poor me*
Then, went to the event venue and bought SS501's album just for the sake of wanting them to sign it.
After waiting for 2 hours plus, guess what?? We didn't manage to let them sign or even see their faces!
It was to be our turn and they said they left! Most of the fans there were really pissed off!

So after that, I actually never thought of wanting to follow my fellow friends to the airport to stalk them as it is so not ME!!lol..
But .. I actually went there with them ..
There were also other fans waiting for them .. So I was like thinking no hope for me as I'm a really slumber person and not those type of super crazy girl fan..
Once again, I didn't manage to see the LEADER, Hyun Joong who was actually taking the elevator down.
Many fans were there taking pics of him. I'm such a LOSER!!haha
After for some time, SS501, all the 5 members walking towards our side as we were at the checking-in entrance and I quickly went up to the crowd/fans who were surrounding them and took pics..
They were actually right infront of me but I couldn't say anything.
I just took pics none stop and was a little regret that I didn't call out their names! *See!I toldya I'm not good in this*
So, they just went pass me and the 5 of them are really perfect and truly pretty boys!
Couldn't believe I actually saw them in real life! I'm not really crazy or anything but just proud!
And then after they went in, all fans were still stalking until they went passed the immigration area or what's that called??I don't know,SOORY!!..I managed to take many pics of them especially LEADER, Hyun Joong and BABY, Hyung Joon..Kyu Jong and Young Saeng was so cool that they hardly wave to their fans!
As for Jung Min, I don't know why I always miss him out..So far only 1 pic of him!lol..

And I came back home at 11.15pm. I was out for 1 whole day since 7pm!! Of course I didn't stalk them for the whole day as I was in university before I went stalking them!lol..
This is the experience I had today! You can call that fun but tiring!

22 August 2009

Slumber Party

Weee! Marina came over to stay yesterday and we threw a party last night.
First, we did bookmarks and then we had porridge for supper.
After that, we have our GIRLS TALK and read fashion magazines together.
That's what girls do, don't they?! lol
She'll be flying back to Japan tomorrow night.
Hope to see her again.

19 August 2009

Let's Sing!

A group of us went for Karaoke yesterday.
Well, it has been some time since I last went.
This time was Redbox and it's my first time actually.
We got up early in the morning to pick up Marina and drove down to The Gardens for this!
Sang for about 3 hours and then went shopping for a while.
I managed to get a pair of scandals which I have been eyeing for some time already.
Other than that, nothing else .. No clothes for the day!

14 August 2009

Sem Break Opening Ceremony

Today is the first outing for this Sem Break!
We (Marina, Michele, Fei & Ling Tzy) went to IKEA for lunch.
Had meatballs and some french desert -Manzin- or something like that.
After that we went for PURIKURA session!
Spent some time there to design the pictures.
Later, came back to meet up with another friend for tea.
Most of the time eating and drinking!lol
I think I should spend more time sleeping too as I wouldn't have this much time to sleep when uni resume!
SO that's all I did today!

13 August 2009


いやぁぁ .. .. .. いやぁぁ .. .. ..
やっと 休みです。
今日から 始まるよ。
明日 友達と 一省に 遊びに行きますよ。
やっぱ 休みは大好きです。
いろんな事を したいなぁ。
休みは 短いですから 大切にしたいです。
だから、明日から たくさん楽しい事を したいです。
Let's make it a great day then!

31 July 2009


31st means .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. BASKIN ROBBINS!!!
Marina , me and Sok Peng before we begin eating our ice-cream!
Minutes later .. ..
We're done eating!!

21 July 2009

TWO Lotteries

Lotteries!! .. Which lottery are you thinking??
Of course I meant "saman"!
Say I'm lucky cos I got TWO "samans" in one day time!
What happened was that my car got clamped by the -stupido- "pihak" in my university!
Another "saman" was for not using a helmet while riding the motorbike!
No, I don't ride a motorbike and don't own one.
Oh well, it's a pretty long story actually.
I'm too lazy to jot what had happened today as it really pissed me off.

10 July 2009


This is it .. 1 week of lecture had passed!
It's hard to describe my feelings for this first week but there's something for sure I know which is I'M REALLY SUPER DUPERLY TIRED!!
Can I sleep for the whole day tomorrow?!
Even so I could, I don't think I might be able to sleep for 24hours to replace back all those times. Isn't it true?!
Anyhow, I guess I'll get use to it in no time!

As for today, or to be more specific; this morning, our seniors made a presentation on their 1month trip in Japan.
It was somehow a very challenging and experience trip as what they have told 14 of us!
We were told to grab on this oppurtunity to join this programme which is FREE(scholarship) if we had a chance in future!!
That sounds really cool but somewhat I don't really feel thrilled or anything! Something is wrong with me!
Probably because of my tiredness that makes me a different person! *laughzz*

Guess what?! I was really careless today that I lost my left contact lense!!
Arggghh .. I'm really going crazy!!
Blame my tiredness and I have to wear my specs for 2 weeks!!

06 July 2009

1st Lecture

SOo .. I had my first lecture today!
6 hours of lecture for today actually.
Today's lecture was all on our major subject.
Tomorrow will have core subject and major subject.
For now, I do not have any classes on Friday.
I just hope they don't slot any subject in all of a sudden.
Well, I gotta pack my stuff for tomorrow now!
Please look forward to my coming post ..

04 July 2009

The 10th College

Finally .. Finally ..
Today is the day I'm waitin' for since last Sunday.
I'm back now and the hostel orientation has ended.
I guess I missed the good parts too but what to do?!..
It's really tough for me for that 1 week of orientation.
At first I kinda hated it coz I only had 4-5 hours of sleep per day.
Also, those rules are really killing me.
Nonetheless, the place is really horrible to me.
Anyhow, I managed to get through it and got used to it after the 3rd day.
I wouldn't say it's totally shit or anything but I did find it kinda fun sometimes.
From now on, it will be tougher and tougher.
This is just the beginning of my journey!

19 June 2009

Ooh Yeah!!

Goodie News!
I finally got what I wanted .. At last ..
This is it .. I'm so happy ..
The thing I have been waiting and wanting has finally arrived.
I got into UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA(UM) and also I got the course I want.
It was my FIRST choice out of 8 choices.
I'm not too sure whether I should call this LUCKY or WHAT?!
The good thing is .. .. ..
I don't have to go far and leave my precious family and home!
Most of all, I don't have to leave my BEDDddd .....
Say YEAH! ..

30 May 2009

I should update

Ho Ho!
I'm back with updates now.
I've been very lazy for the past few weeks.
Finally, I will have a week off from work next week.
This sounds great but at the same time not that great.
Yesterday, we celebrated Teachers' Day in the centre.
Whole lots of games .. Musical chair .. blabla ..
The worst was the Water Gun and Balloon Game ..
I was smashed so badly and walked home with my clothes and pants all wet.
All teachers participated and everyone was really wet too.
Pretty fun since I last played all this game was like 8-10years ago?!
Many thoughts of mine had changed after I took up this job.
It's really hard to explain but somewhat I felt I've got it wrong in some ways.
Well .. That's all!

09 May 2009

Craving for..

I'm always craving for certain food on weekdays and will have it during the weekends.
Today I finally had McDonald's and Japanese food.
Ahh..Sorry about that eh..I've been blogging all about food these days.
I seriously had nothing to blog about lately since I've been busy working only.
I only get to enjoy during the weekends now.
This is not really bad actually.
I kinda enjoy what I do everyday for now.
I hope everyone is too.
Let's have a beautiful day!:)

01 May 2009

My Family ♥ Food

Since the title says "food". You must be wondering why there's a scenery pic and not food pic!!
Well, this is how it goes .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
It's Labour Day today and there's a Company Buffet in the afternoon.
After the buffet, my family decided to go down to KLCC for shopping.
So, we drove to KLCC at about 2.30pm.
When we reached there, we have problem with parkings since it's a public holiday.
Then, we decided to go somewhere else rather than wasting time looking for parking.
On the way down, my parents suggested we go to Taman Mega for food.
and YES!!We went there for some food and strolled around the Pet Shop.
After that, our next stop was Banting as they wanted to make some "Chicken" booking for next Sunday.
There, again we had food. The above picture was taken during our stop for seafood by the sea.
Before I could digest, food food food and food .. .. .. ..
It's like I've been eating for the whole time today which equals to a 5 days meal to me.
I hope I can take it since I have not been eating that much for a long time already.
Afterall, my family enjoys food alot.
We travel all over for food!! It's not really a bad thing but I just hope that I don't gain weight!
That's all .. !!

30 April 2009

Monster Parents

Who are Monster Parents? Why are they called Monster Parents?
Well, they are those who are giving troubles to teachers.
A little matter concerning their kids will drive them towards the educator.
They will never go easy on you.

Just lately, there's a Monster Parent in the centre I'm teaching in.
This Monster Parent never stop complaining and has been giving trouble to this centre which makes all teachers go round.
Apparently, the problem comes from her own child and probably she hasn't notice it yet.
She complains about teacher giving answers to her kid for an exam paper which is not really and exam paper but a piece of revision sheet to help students to do well in their coming exam.
She did not find out what is happening before she complains this matter to the principle.
She complains that the centre is not strict enough in checking her kid's school homework.
She complains way too much which is so sickening to hear about.

22 April 2009

University Interview

6 hours of waiting and 5 minutes of talking.
That's the shocking number I experienced yesterday.
I woke up at 7.10am to get dressed for the interview.
I got there at 9am as my interview supposed to be at 9.30am.
End up, I entered the room at 3pm.
Plus, there's no guarantee in getting this course.
For your information, I applied for Japanese Language.
This will be under the Faculty of Language and Linguistic.
That's it..I came back sleeping soundly after that.*lol*

16 April 2009


After a long wait, finally it's here!
Introducing YUI's premium edition album.
Thanks to Marina for getting it for me.
Also, Yohei for bringing it to Malaysia for me.
I have always wanted to get this 2 albums.
Have been a YUI fan since 2006.
I would say she's a talented young singer song writer.
Check out her songs!

01 April 2009

Architectural 3-D Design

What do you think about the house design?
This is what we call "MODERN CONCEPT".
I spent 2 days on this and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome.
This is actually my first time completing a house design.
I used to design years ago but I never once complete it.
The reason is because I didn't understand the use of some tools.
This is a part of the aerial of the house which I captured.
No..I'm not boasting but I do have a little talent eh?..lol..

30 March 2009

-PART 2-
Kat Kat aka Kathy. I actually knew about her existence since Primary but truly talked to her was during Form 3.
Why Form 3? You must be asking. It's because in Secondary school everyone will be placed in different classes every year depends on your grades, quota and stuff like that.
So, Form 3 is where our story begins.

At that time, we were the "Ponteng Queens". This gelaran not easy to get one, OK!
We used to pakat and sama sama ponteng school until our class teacher asked us to ambil giliran..lol..
Remember or not, Kathy?!
Not only that, Sejarah teacher also asked us whether will we be coming to school the next day?!..lol..
For a year of Form 3 and I don't think I have listened to that Sejarah teacher's teaching for more than 10 times.
I'm not kidding..At this rate, you can figure out how we PONTENG HARD..To the max!

Not only that, Kat Kat loves to eat that "Sugus" candy where she always buy em' from the canteen and keep in her pocket and have it in class.
Also, she's the CNN..She knows most of the happenings in school..Cool eh?!..lol..
So that's why we gossip alot when there's no teachers and during breaks.
That's how we got the same result for PMR, 5A's 2B's..lol..


Yeshh..I'm going to share my past stories about them..
Read on to know more..

-PART 1-
First, I would like to start my story on Miche aka Michelle.
I first met her was during Primary 1 as we're in the same class.
We started hanging around since then, on and off until now.
During our Primary days, we used to do lotsa stuff together.
Those stuff mentioned were "getah", "climbing up the huge tree trunk", "playing truth of dare", "cards game", and there's one more I would like to mention but I can't remember what we used to call that. We used to play in a big group where we catogorized everything down in a paper like "country", "fruits", "name" and blablabla...
What's that called, MICHE?..The Paper Game?NO?

Besides, we're in the same class, same "RUMAH"(I didn't mean house as in house)..You know la..lol..
If I still remembered it clearly, we're in "Blue House".
Also, we sama sama kena punished by teacher in Primary 4 & 5. Still remembered what happened?(Pointing to Miche)
During recess, we seldom go to the canteen as we were hooked to the "getah" and sometimes we even challenged our seniors.
Another thing is we always hang out at "Kedai Luar" during breaks on Saturday as we have extra classes for UPSR and also sometimes after school.

Ahh...Bring back memories of our PRIMARY school life...
Afterall, PRIMARY school life is so much nicer.
All these has past and what's left are only memories.

19 March 2009

New Look

At last my blog has a new look. Not me!
Here, I have to thank Jocelyn for sharing with me that great website.
Thanks Jocelyn!!*_*
Now my blog doesn't look that dull. Yes?No?*lol*
After some time I finally found something I really like from that webbie.
Scrapbook it is..It's just so my style..No?*lol*
That's all I wanna say..

07 March 2009

Dead Fish

Yesh!I really meant it..DEAD FISH!
I've planned to go for medical check-up last Wednesday.
End up I did not go for it.
The reason is because I suddenly felt my whole body numbed.
Before I went to the doctor the next day I was freaking worried.
Why worried?Coz I thought I might have denggi fever.
Thank God it wasn't.It's just virus infection.
I slept straight for 3 days and really felt like a dead fish!
Even now, I still have slight fever but I'm ALIVE!
This has never happen to me for years now.
That's all for my first March post!

21 February 2009

Today's Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu


Shouyu Ramen
California Roll Sushi

It has been 2 years now that I last had Japanese food at Kinpachi.
Afterall, it was a satisfying dinner.
Never had such nice and great satisfatory dinner lately.
YUMed YUMed!!

20 February 2009


Alright now, I'll be talking about my weekdays since to me I think it's a little different.
If you wanna know why, I guess you will be able to figure out right after you read till the end!*lol*

-woke up at 8.40am (it has been almost 2 months I did not wake up that early)*lol*
-had bread with tuna spread and cherry tomato as topping for breakfast
-went to work from 10am-5pm and in between had lunch
-had dinner at 6pm
-watched TV from 9.30pm-1.30am

-woke up at 9.10am
-had bread with peanut butter for breakfast
-went to work from 11am-5.10pm and in between had lunch
-had dinner at 6pm
-watched TV from 9.30pm-1am

-woke up at 9.10am
-Dim Sum for breakfast
-went to work at 12pm-5.10pm
-had dinner at 6pm
-watched TV from 9.30pm-12am

-woke up at 9.10am
-had bread with tuna spread and cherry tomato as topping for breakfast
-went to work at 11am-6pm and in between had lunch
-picked up lil' bro at 6.10pm
-went to aunty's place at 6.30pm
-at the hospital at 7.10pm
-dropped lil' bro for class at 7.45pm
-had dinner at 8.30pm
-watched TV from 9.30pm-1am

-woke up at 9am
-had Dim Sum for breakfast
-went to the stationary shop
-dropped by at the office and left some documents
-picked up a Japanese friend at 1pm
-sped off to 1U mall from 1.30pm-5pm
-came home at 5.30pm
-dropped Japanese friend home
-came back and had dinner at 7pm
-currently watching TV..

That's the end of it.
Can you figure out what is so different now?

Well, the differences are.....
1. I'm working for the 1st time in my life if I were to minus the coaching job.
2. I had a Japanese friend for the first time that has the same age as me.*lol*
3. My first job has the most flexible time ever.

Probably you might think these are nonsense but just endure with it coz I finally archived something that everyone would never thought I would do.
At least my family thinks so..*lol*
I might be laughing at myself right now!

17 February 2009

Presents from Japan

Today I received a letter and presents from Setsuko-san.
I was a little surprised actually.
Looking at the pics(as above), I can feel that in 3 years time everything have changed.
Asami and Rina has turned into a beautiful young lady and Setsuko-san too.
Talking about 3 years back, I went to Japan during winter on a home-stay programme.
As I remembered, a kimono lady, Kumi-san brought me to Setsuko-san's apartment for half a day after visiting her daughter's highschool.
There, I was introduced to Setsuko-san and her 2 wonderful daughters.
They were really nice and kind and they also taught me to make some stuff out of origami papers.
Setsuko-san was not only a beautiful lady but smart too as she knows English and also a little of BM.
I was impressed as she greeted in BM and also she's so interested in knowing about Malaysia.
Since then, I thought it was a good thing to keep contact with such wonderful people.
Up till now, we still keep in touch and this shows that friendship does exist somewhere if you take the inixiative.
That's why, I would like to thank Setsuko-san and her 2 daughters.
I love the presents alot and I would say it's such a perfect present as I'm really into those "shu shu'(hairbands) right now.

14 February 2009

赤い糸 [Red Thread]

赤い糸 means "red thread" and it's somewhat related to "fate".
I've been watching this drama recently and as I thought, it was a sweet and touching drama.
The story revolves a girl and a boy where they celebrate the same birthday.
What is so special about it is that their birthday only comes once in 4 years which means their birthday falls on the 29th Feb.
With the red thread, they believed that it was fated that they are meant to be together as they've met several times before they last found out.

On the other hand, there's a song with the same title which released earlier by Kobukuro and just last year Yui Aragaki made a cover out of it.
The lyrics are really sweet too and I love the PV!
Here I would like to dedicate this song lyrics to all couples out there on this very special day which is Valentine's Day!

-Red Thread-
The two of us first met here, it was today two months ago wasn't it
i still don't know of a way to kiss you, my first sweet girl friend
our silly little anniversary, i've secretly written on the calendar
"do you know what day it is today?" i asked, a little surprised you answered

"it's my ex-boyfriend's birthday" you said with a smile, your face a little vexed
these were words that were really depressing to my ears, definitely
i can't be compared with the memories of the 3 years you and him had together
but still because i really like you so much, the difference in the number feels so overwhelming

Without an emotional bond, it is merely an exchange that we keep on repeating
until your heart gives an answer, it's better for us to stay apart like this
no matter if it is tomorrow or in the next 5 years, i'll always be waiting here
let's make a promise and tie the red thread in our hearts tightly

the flower that was a bud that time had turned a beautiful colour
but it wilted as autumn passed and it crossed the winter, reflecting how i am right now
time is also too heartless, i am at a loss, under my eyelids
an image of you walking with someone else floats up...
i felt like i might not meet you ever again
how much sooner do i want to meet you
as i keep check on my splitting heart, i believe the answer is now

"can we meet?" written on your letter, your truthful words
were smudged by tears you spilled, i made my way to welcome you back to that place
please don't cry, because today is our first anniversary
let's celebrate it, even if the tight thread had come lose

I merely hope to be loved, don't forget the things you believed in
it's fine even if it is a journey with no goal in sight
let's slowly walk on the path we believe in, with the person we love

note: The song can be found in youtube or under my covers.
Pic originally is the cover of Yui Aragaki's single.

12 February 2009

I realized..

I realized..I was actually an impatient person
(probably only on the road)
I realized..I wasn't listening to people's conversation at times
I realized..I said something I shouldn't be saying
I realized..I could actually write something that I never thought of
I realized..I was a little naughty at times
I realized..I was actually feelin' a little moody today
I realized..I actually played the piano for four hours today
I realized..I composed a boring song
I realized..I use the word "sorry" very often
I realized..I was not singing along my favourite song for days
I realized..I messed up with the car signal today
I realized..I was actually writing something I realized!lol

07 February 2009

CNY Dinner at Prince Hotel

I would say last evening since it has already passed 12am, I went to a function or I should say CNY dinner which was held in Prince Hotel. Well, the picture above shows which restaurant we had dinner in.
Somehow, I would call it a day since I felt it has been a long day for me.
It actually took us one and a half hours to reach the destination due to traffic jams.
I was really starving at that very moment and thought I might faint anytime since I did not eat anything or had tea which I usually had before we went.
All because of wanting to keep my stomach empty for some nice food, I thought I could actually stand but the fact is I actually couldn't and will never try that silly idea of not eating anything again although I know it will be a late dinner.
I guess I've learned a lesson and hope that I will not get any trouble for my stomach like gastric or anything serious.
We're supposed to reach there within 45minutes but due to the heavy traffic flow, we nearly miss out the dinner.
Talking about traffic flow, I really couldn't bare with those unpleasant traffic jams around Klang town.
Since there's some changes around Klang town with all those construction going on and also where most of the streets in Klang town seems to have changed to a one way street, it really makes me go crazy.
Going to the other side of Klang where I call it over-bridge, it took me 3o to 45 minutes at times.
Coming back and going over took me 1 hour.This is crazy.
I could actually use this time to go to 1U and there's actually still a spare of 20 minutes.
At this rate, at times I rather stay home all the time and face my entertaining gadgets for the whole day.
Ah..I'm supposed to be talking about the dinner but somewhat it had turned out to be a traffic topic.
Oh well, I guess I should stop here orelse the traffic topic never ends.
So long!

02 February 2009

My Covers

As you can see by the side I've added a soundclick widget.
Well, those are cover songs made by me and some of it are quite old which was 3 or 4 years back.
Anyhow, feel free to listen by clicking on the play button and to change song please use the keypad from your keyboard. If you were to use your mouse to click on the songs, I'm afraid it might actually bring you the the site. Listening from the site is much slower from what I've tried. So here's a little tip for you guyz who wanna listen to it.
One more thing, feel free to leave your comment or criticize about it if you like. ..lol..
Lastly, remember to volume down your speaker or headset or whatever that you are using to listen coz I'm afraid it might hurt your ears. ..lol..
That's all for now.

29 January 2009

Japanese Coach

Lately I'm into this Nintendo DS (NDS) game by the name of "Japanese Coach".
I would recommend this game to those who are interested in learning Japanese language.
It's a fun, cheap and handy way of learning Japanese Language.
In this game, it covers all Japanese writings which is Hiragana, Katakana, Romaji and even Kanji.
Not only that but also every level includes a little piece of info about places or some informative things that you would like to know about Japan.
You can even read out loud to record your voice as referrence just to see whether it sounds right or maybe to sound like a native speaker.
Besides, what I love about this game is that it has a dictionary and also it helps to improve my kanji writings.
Get a hand on this game if you have a NDS.

25 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!!
Or it supposed to be Happy Chinese New Year Eve!!
Anything will do as long there's the word "Happy, Chinese, New and Year".
Hope everyone will enjoy this festive season and get to collect more "angpaus"!!lol
Well , that's all...So long!

12 January 2009

Scrappy Pages

2 days back I was busy sticking pictures and decorating them in a book or maybe you can even call it as scrapbooking.
It really took up alot of my time by doing this.
I think somehow it's a good way to kill time since I'm so free now.
Doing this seriously needs alot of patience.
I always challenge myself by doing all these stuffs including card-making , bookmarks and some other handicrafts. There are times when I'm lazy or maybe too sicked of making too many in a day , those laziness of mine can be seen in those works.
I bet there's some lazy works in those pics below too..lol
I guess it has been months since I last did those scrappy stuff in my book and that is why I thought I should at least do some to keep all my good memories in there.
Enjoy scrolling through all those pics though it's not really perfectly done.


09 January 2009

The days with Mai-chan

Last year on the 19th of December , a sweet and cute 17 year old girl came and stayed with my family for 20 days under the Youth Exchange Programme from Japan. She has like been a part of our family since then as we treated her like our sister.
She's a shy , polite and artistic girl I would say. She's also very creative in all ways and not to mention smart too.
Although 20 days might seem long but to us it seems so fast as our relationship is getting closer day by day.
We sure gonna miss her so much. We hope that she'll be able to come back to Malaysia and visit us someday and also the same goes to us , hoping that we will be able meet up in Japan soon.
Here are some pics taken during her 20days stay in Malaysia but of course there's more where you can find it from my facebook.
Arrival at KLIA on the 19th of December 2008
Thanks to Zyen that we're able to attend the Comic Fest

At Genting Themepark
Met up with Sok Peng

At Baskin Robbins
On the way to Central Market
At Central Market
Having seafood in Kuala Selangor

Firefly Park in Kuala Selangor
At Suria KLCC park
In Malacca

Farewell Dinner
Met up with Miche and Kathy

Our last Peace Sign together
Good-bye Day
This is something we got from Mai-chan at the airport before she leaves.
This is something proud to be shown to everyone.We love you Mai-chan!!
Look at it!
Ain't she good in drawing?!
It does look like Bubbles and Keagan.
Also , here's something she made for me and Mum.
This is 100% handmade.No kidding..
Those who have seen her doing these will know how all these goes..
Front of the Bookmark
Back of the Bookmark
It has been great to have Mai-chan with us this time and that's all I can say.
Times and memories like these will remain in our heart always and will not be forgotten.
Message to Mai-chan:
だいがくのじゅうけん , がんばってね.