29 January 2009

Japanese Coach

Lately I'm into this Nintendo DS (NDS) game by the name of "Japanese Coach".
I would recommend this game to those who are interested in learning Japanese language.
It's a fun, cheap and handy way of learning Japanese Language.
In this game, it covers all Japanese writings which is Hiragana, Katakana, Romaji and even Kanji.
Not only that but also every level includes a little piece of info about places or some informative things that you would like to know about Japan.
You can even read out loud to record your voice as referrence just to see whether it sounds right or maybe to sound like a native speaker.
Besides, what I love about this game is that it has a dictionary and also it helps to improve my kanji writings.
Get a hand on this game if you have a NDS.

25 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!!
Or it supposed to be Happy Chinese New Year Eve!!
Anything will do as long there's the word "Happy, Chinese, New and Year".
Hope everyone will enjoy this festive season and get to collect more "angpaus"!!lol
Well , that's all...So long!

12 January 2009

Scrappy Pages

2 days back I was busy sticking pictures and decorating them in a book or maybe you can even call it as scrapbooking.
It really took up alot of my time by doing this.
I think somehow it's a good way to kill time since I'm so free now.
Doing this seriously needs alot of patience.
I always challenge myself by doing all these stuffs including card-making , bookmarks and some other handicrafts. There are times when I'm lazy or maybe too sicked of making too many in a day , those laziness of mine can be seen in those works.
I bet there's some lazy works in those pics below too..lol
I guess it has been months since I last did those scrappy stuff in my book and that is why I thought I should at least do some to keep all my good memories in there.
Enjoy scrolling through all those pics though it's not really perfectly done.


09 January 2009

The days with Mai-chan

Last year on the 19th of December , a sweet and cute 17 year old girl came and stayed with my family for 20 days under the Youth Exchange Programme from Japan. She has like been a part of our family since then as we treated her like our sister.
She's a shy , polite and artistic girl I would say. She's also very creative in all ways and not to mention smart too.
Although 20 days might seem long but to us it seems so fast as our relationship is getting closer day by day.
We sure gonna miss her so much. We hope that she'll be able to come back to Malaysia and visit us someday and also the same goes to us , hoping that we will be able meet up in Japan soon.
Here are some pics taken during her 20days stay in Malaysia but of course there's more where you can find it from my facebook.
Arrival at KLIA on the 19th of December 2008
Thanks to Zyen that we're able to attend the Comic Fest

At Genting Themepark
Met up with Sok Peng

At Baskin Robbins
On the way to Central Market
At Central Market
Having seafood in Kuala Selangor

Firefly Park in Kuala Selangor
At Suria KLCC park
In Malacca

Farewell Dinner
Met up with Miche and Kathy

Our last Peace Sign together
Good-bye Day
This is something we got from Mai-chan at the airport before she leaves.
This is something proud to be shown to everyone.We love you Mai-chan!!
Look at it!
Ain't she good in drawing?!
It does look like Bubbles and Keagan.
Also , here's something she made for me and Mum.
This is 100% handmade.No kidding..
Those who have seen her doing these will know how all these goes..
Front of the Bookmark
Back of the Bookmark
It has been great to have Mai-chan with us this time and that's all I can say.
Times and memories like these will remain in our heart always and will not be forgotten.
Message to Mai-chan:
だいがくのじゅうけん , がんばってね.

07 January 2009

1st Post

So this is the first post and I've got no idea what to write in here.
Besides , I'm trying to learn more about blogging in here.
So please be nice to me ne.."よろしくおねがいします."

Well , that's all for now.