12 January 2009

Scrappy Pages

2 days back I was busy sticking pictures and decorating them in a book or maybe you can even call it as scrapbooking.
It really took up alot of my time by doing this.
I think somehow it's a good way to kill time since I'm so free now.
Doing this seriously needs alot of patience.
I always challenge myself by doing all these stuffs including card-making , bookmarks and some other handicrafts. There are times when I'm lazy or maybe too sicked of making too many in a day , those laziness of mine can be seen in those works.
I bet there's some lazy works in those pics below too..lol
I guess it has been months since I last did those scrappy stuff in my book and that is why I thought I should at least do some to keep all my good memories in there.
Enjoy scrolling through all those pics though it's not really perfectly done.


1 comment:

  1. ooh yay you got blog! haha.
    and nice scrap book. seriously too free la you.