21 February 2009

Today's Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu


Shouyu Ramen
California Roll Sushi

It has been 2 years now that I last had Japanese food at Kinpachi.
Afterall, it was a satisfying dinner.
Never had such nice and great satisfatory dinner lately.
YUMed YUMed!!

20 February 2009


Alright now, I'll be talking about my weekdays since to me I think it's a little different.
If you wanna know why, I guess you will be able to figure out right after you read till the end!*lol*

-woke up at 8.40am (it has been almost 2 months I did not wake up that early)*lol*
-had bread with tuna spread and cherry tomato as topping for breakfast
-went to work from 10am-5pm and in between had lunch
-had dinner at 6pm
-watched TV from 9.30pm-1.30am

-woke up at 9.10am
-had bread with peanut butter for breakfast
-went to work from 11am-5.10pm and in between had lunch
-had dinner at 6pm
-watched TV from 9.30pm-1am

-woke up at 9.10am
-Dim Sum for breakfast
-went to work at 12pm-5.10pm
-had dinner at 6pm
-watched TV from 9.30pm-12am

-woke up at 9.10am
-had bread with tuna spread and cherry tomato as topping for breakfast
-went to work at 11am-6pm and in between had lunch
-picked up lil' bro at 6.10pm
-went to aunty's place at 6.30pm
-at the hospital at 7.10pm
-dropped lil' bro for class at 7.45pm
-had dinner at 8.30pm
-watched TV from 9.30pm-1am

-woke up at 9am
-had Dim Sum for breakfast
-went to the stationary shop
-dropped by at the office and left some documents
-picked up a Japanese friend at 1pm
-sped off to 1U mall from 1.30pm-5pm
-came home at 5.30pm
-dropped Japanese friend home
-came back and had dinner at 7pm
-currently watching TV..

That's the end of it.
Can you figure out what is so different now?

Well, the differences are.....
1. I'm working for the 1st time in my life if I were to minus the coaching job.
2. I had a Japanese friend for the first time that has the same age as me.*lol*
3. My first job has the most flexible time ever.

Probably you might think these are nonsense but just endure with it coz I finally archived something that everyone would never thought I would do.
At least my family thinks so..*lol*
I might be laughing at myself right now!

17 February 2009

Presents from Japan

Today I received a letter and presents from Setsuko-san.
I was a little surprised actually.
Looking at the pics(as above), I can feel that in 3 years time everything have changed.
Asami and Rina has turned into a beautiful young lady and Setsuko-san too.
Talking about 3 years back, I went to Japan during winter on a home-stay programme.
As I remembered, a kimono lady, Kumi-san brought me to Setsuko-san's apartment for half a day after visiting her daughter's highschool.
There, I was introduced to Setsuko-san and her 2 wonderful daughters.
They were really nice and kind and they also taught me to make some stuff out of origami papers.
Setsuko-san was not only a beautiful lady but smart too as she knows English and also a little of BM.
I was impressed as she greeted in BM and also she's so interested in knowing about Malaysia.
Since then, I thought it was a good thing to keep contact with such wonderful people.
Up till now, we still keep in touch and this shows that friendship does exist somewhere if you take the inixiative.
That's why, I would like to thank Setsuko-san and her 2 daughters.
I love the presents alot and I would say it's such a perfect present as I'm really into those "shu shu'(hairbands) right now.

14 February 2009

赤い糸 [Red Thread]

赤い糸 means "red thread" and it's somewhat related to "fate".
I've been watching this drama recently and as I thought, it was a sweet and touching drama.
The story revolves a girl and a boy where they celebrate the same birthday.
What is so special about it is that their birthday only comes once in 4 years which means their birthday falls on the 29th Feb.
With the red thread, they believed that it was fated that they are meant to be together as they've met several times before they last found out.

On the other hand, there's a song with the same title which released earlier by Kobukuro and just last year Yui Aragaki made a cover out of it.
The lyrics are really sweet too and I love the PV!
Here I would like to dedicate this song lyrics to all couples out there on this very special day which is Valentine's Day!

-Red Thread-
The two of us first met here, it was today two months ago wasn't it
i still don't know of a way to kiss you, my first sweet girl friend
our silly little anniversary, i've secretly written on the calendar
"do you know what day it is today?" i asked, a little surprised you answered

"it's my ex-boyfriend's birthday" you said with a smile, your face a little vexed
these were words that were really depressing to my ears, definitely
i can't be compared with the memories of the 3 years you and him had together
but still because i really like you so much, the difference in the number feels so overwhelming

Without an emotional bond, it is merely an exchange that we keep on repeating
until your heart gives an answer, it's better for us to stay apart like this
no matter if it is tomorrow or in the next 5 years, i'll always be waiting here
let's make a promise and tie the red thread in our hearts tightly

the flower that was a bud that time had turned a beautiful colour
but it wilted as autumn passed and it crossed the winter, reflecting how i am right now
time is also too heartless, i am at a loss, under my eyelids
an image of you walking with someone else floats up...
i felt like i might not meet you ever again
how much sooner do i want to meet you
as i keep check on my splitting heart, i believe the answer is now

"can we meet?" written on your letter, your truthful words
were smudged by tears you spilled, i made my way to welcome you back to that place
please don't cry, because today is our first anniversary
let's celebrate it, even if the tight thread had come lose

I merely hope to be loved, don't forget the things you believed in
it's fine even if it is a journey with no goal in sight
let's slowly walk on the path we believe in, with the person we love

note: The song can be found in youtube or under my covers.
Pic originally is the cover of Yui Aragaki's single.

12 February 2009

I realized..

I realized..I was actually an impatient person
(probably only on the road)
I realized..I wasn't listening to people's conversation at times
I realized..I said something I shouldn't be saying
I realized..I could actually write something that I never thought of
I realized..I was a little naughty at times
I realized..I was actually feelin' a little moody today
I realized..I actually played the piano for four hours today
I realized..I composed a boring song
I realized..I use the word "sorry" very often
I realized..I was not singing along my favourite song for days
I realized..I messed up with the car signal today
I realized..I was actually writing something I realized!lol

07 February 2009

CNY Dinner at Prince Hotel

I would say last evening since it has already passed 12am, I went to a function or I should say CNY dinner which was held in Prince Hotel. Well, the picture above shows which restaurant we had dinner in.
Somehow, I would call it a day since I felt it has been a long day for me.
It actually took us one and a half hours to reach the destination due to traffic jams.
I was really starving at that very moment and thought I might faint anytime since I did not eat anything or had tea which I usually had before we went.
All because of wanting to keep my stomach empty for some nice food, I thought I could actually stand but the fact is I actually couldn't and will never try that silly idea of not eating anything again although I know it will be a late dinner.
I guess I've learned a lesson and hope that I will not get any trouble for my stomach like gastric or anything serious.
We're supposed to reach there within 45minutes but due to the heavy traffic flow, we nearly miss out the dinner.
Talking about traffic flow, I really couldn't bare with those unpleasant traffic jams around Klang town.
Since there's some changes around Klang town with all those construction going on and also where most of the streets in Klang town seems to have changed to a one way street, it really makes me go crazy.
Going to the other side of Klang where I call it over-bridge, it took me 3o to 45 minutes at times.
Coming back and going over took me 1 hour.This is crazy.
I could actually use this time to go to 1U and there's actually still a spare of 20 minutes.
At this rate, at times I rather stay home all the time and face my entertaining gadgets for the whole day.
Ah..I'm supposed to be talking about the dinner but somewhat it had turned out to be a traffic topic.
Oh well, I guess I should stop here orelse the traffic topic never ends.
So long!

02 February 2009

My Covers

As you can see by the side I've added a soundclick widget.
Well, those are cover songs made by me and some of it are quite old which was 3 or 4 years back.
Anyhow, feel free to listen by clicking on the play button and to change song please use the keypad from your keyboard. If you were to use your mouse to click on the songs, I'm afraid it might actually bring you the the site. Listening from the site is much slower from what I've tried. So here's a little tip for you guyz who wanna listen to it.
One more thing, feel free to leave your comment or criticize about it if you like. ..lol..
Lastly, remember to volume down your speaker or headset or whatever that you are using to listen coz I'm afraid it might hurt your ears. ..lol..
That's all for now.