07 February 2009

CNY Dinner at Prince Hotel

I would say last evening since it has already passed 12am, I went to a function or I should say CNY dinner which was held in Prince Hotel. Well, the picture above shows which restaurant we had dinner in.
Somehow, I would call it a day since I felt it has been a long day for me.
It actually took us one and a half hours to reach the destination due to traffic jams.
I was really starving at that very moment and thought I might faint anytime since I did not eat anything or had tea which I usually had before we went.
All because of wanting to keep my stomach empty for some nice food, I thought I could actually stand but the fact is I actually couldn't and will never try that silly idea of not eating anything again although I know it will be a late dinner.
I guess I've learned a lesson and hope that I will not get any trouble for my stomach like gastric or anything serious.
We're supposed to reach there within 45minutes but due to the heavy traffic flow, we nearly miss out the dinner.
Talking about traffic flow, I really couldn't bare with those unpleasant traffic jams around Klang town.
Since there's some changes around Klang town with all those construction going on and also where most of the streets in Klang town seems to have changed to a one way street, it really makes me go crazy.
Going to the other side of Klang where I call it over-bridge, it took me 3o to 45 minutes at times.
Coming back and going over took me 1 hour.This is crazy.
I could actually use this time to go to 1U and there's actually still a spare of 20 minutes.
At this rate, at times I rather stay home all the time and face my entertaining gadgets for the whole day.
Ah..I'm supposed to be talking about the dinner but somewhat it had turned out to be a traffic topic.
Oh well, I guess I should stop here orelse the traffic topic never ends.
So long!

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  1. haih~i hate that as well...the construction have 2 took years 2 finish...what's the prob huh?y cant somebody do somthing 2 fix it...haih~~malaysia...