12 February 2009

I realized..

I realized..I was actually an impatient person
(probably only on the road)
I realized..I wasn't listening to people's conversation at times
I realized..I said something I shouldn't be saying
I realized..I could actually write something that I never thought of
I realized..I was a little naughty at times
I realized..I was actually feelin' a little moody today
I realized..I actually played the piano for four hours today
I realized..I composed a boring song
I realized..I use the word "sorry" very often
I realized..I was not singing along my favourite song for days
I realized..I messed up with the car signal today
I realized..I was actually writing something I realized!lol


  1. wow...seems lik u know urself very well~
    but sum of the part u mentioned doesnt seems lik suet yin i've known...
    u're patient person as i know*
    n sweet~
    n nice article!

  2. haha..I actually don't really know myself either..
    Just that today I was really free and while playing the piano, I realized all these stuff..
    I should change those bad habits of mine..lol