02 February 2009

My Covers

As you can see by the side I've added a soundclick widget.
Well, those are cover songs made by me and some of it are quite old which was 3 or 4 years back.
Anyhow, feel free to listen by clicking on the play button and to change song please use the keypad from your keyboard. If you were to use your mouse to click on the songs, I'm afraid it might actually bring you the the site. Listening from the site is much slower from what I've tried. So here's a little tip for you guyz who wanna listen to it.
One more thing, feel free to leave your comment or criticize about it if you like. ..lol..
Lastly, remember to volume down your speaker or headset or whatever that you are using to listen coz I'm afraid it might hurt your ears. ..lol..
That's all for now.

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