17 February 2009

Presents from Japan

Today I received a letter and presents from Setsuko-san.
I was a little surprised actually.
Looking at the pics(as above), I can feel that in 3 years time everything have changed.
Asami and Rina has turned into a beautiful young lady and Setsuko-san too.
Talking about 3 years back, I went to Japan during winter on a home-stay programme.
As I remembered, a kimono lady, Kumi-san brought me to Setsuko-san's apartment for half a day after visiting her daughter's highschool.
There, I was introduced to Setsuko-san and her 2 wonderful daughters.
They were really nice and kind and they also taught me to make some stuff out of origami papers.
Setsuko-san was not only a beautiful lady but smart too as she knows English and also a little of BM.
I was impressed as she greeted in BM and also she's so interested in knowing about Malaysia.
Since then, I thought it was a good thing to keep contact with such wonderful people.
Up till now, we still keep in touch and this shows that friendship does exist somewhere if you take the inixiative.
That's why, I would like to thank Setsuko-san and her 2 daughters.
I love the presents alot and I would say it's such a perfect present as I'm really into those "shu shu'(hairbands) right now.


  1. wow~~so good~~
    ooh ya!mayb u can visit then during the youth exchange~~

  2. Yea, hope to meet them if I'm place in Nagoya and also if I get to go..lol..
    But I want to go to Tokyo or Osaka for a change..lol