30 March 2009


Yeshh..I'm going to share my past stories about them..
Read on to know more..

-PART 1-
First, I would like to start my story on Miche aka Michelle.
I first met her was during Primary 1 as we're in the same class.
We started hanging around since then, on and off until now.
During our Primary days, we used to do lotsa stuff together.
Those stuff mentioned were "getah", "climbing up the huge tree trunk", "playing truth of dare", "cards game", and there's one more I would like to mention but I can't remember what we used to call that. We used to play in a big group where we catogorized everything down in a paper like "country", "fruits", "name" and blablabla...
What's that called, MICHE?..The Paper Game?NO?

Besides, we're in the same class, same "RUMAH"(I didn't mean house as in house)..You know la..lol..
If I still remembered it clearly, we're in "Blue House".
Also, we sama sama kena punished by teacher in Primary 4 & 5. Still remembered what happened?(Pointing to Miche)
During recess, we seldom go to the canteen as we were hooked to the "getah" and sometimes we even challenged our seniors.
Another thing is we always hang out at "Kedai Luar" during breaks on Saturday as we have extra classes for UPSR and also sometimes after school.

Ahh...Bring back memories of our PRIMARY school life...
Afterall, PRIMARY school life is so much nicer.
All these has past and what's left are only memories.

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