30 March 2009

-PART 2-
Kat Kat aka Kathy. I actually knew about her existence since Primary but truly talked to her was during Form 3.
Why Form 3? You must be asking. It's because in Secondary school everyone will be placed in different classes every year depends on your grades, quota and stuff like that.
So, Form 3 is where our story begins.

At that time, we were the "Ponteng Queens". This gelaran not easy to get one, OK!
We used to pakat and sama sama ponteng school until our class teacher asked us to ambil giliran..lol..
Remember or not, Kathy?!
Not only that, Sejarah teacher also asked us whether will we be coming to school the next day?!..lol..
For a year of Form 3 and I don't think I have listened to that Sejarah teacher's teaching for more than 10 times.
I'm not kidding..At this rate, you can figure out how we PONTENG HARD..To the max!

Not only that, Kat Kat loves to eat that "Sugus" candy where she always buy em' from the canteen and keep in her pocket and have it in class.
Also, she's the CNN..She knows most of the happenings in school..Cool eh?!..lol..
So that's why we gossip alot when there's no teachers and during breaks.
That's how we got the same result for PMR, 5A's 2B's..lol..

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