30 April 2009

Monster Parents

Who are Monster Parents? Why are they called Monster Parents?
Well, they are those who are giving troubles to teachers.
A little matter concerning their kids will drive them towards the educator.
They will never go easy on you.

Just lately, there's a Monster Parent in the centre I'm teaching in.
This Monster Parent never stop complaining and has been giving trouble to this centre which makes all teachers go round.
Apparently, the problem comes from her own child and probably she hasn't notice it yet.
She complains about teacher giving answers to her kid for an exam paper which is not really and exam paper but a piece of revision sheet to help students to do well in their coming exam.
She did not find out what is happening before she complains this matter to the principle.
She complains that the centre is not strict enough in checking her kid's school homework.
She complains way too much which is so sickening to hear about.

22 April 2009

University Interview

6 hours of waiting and 5 minutes of talking.
That's the shocking number I experienced yesterday.
I woke up at 7.10am to get dressed for the interview.
I got there at 9am as my interview supposed to be at 9.30am.
End up, I entered the room at 3pm.
Plus, there's no guarantee in getting this course.
For your information, I applied for Japanese Language.
This will be under the Faculty of Language and Linguistic.
That's it..I came back sleeping soundly after that.*lol*

16 April 2009


After a long wait, finally it's here!
Introducing YUI's premium edition album.
Thanks to Marina for getting it for me.
Also, Yohei for bringing it to Malaysia for me.
I have always wanted to get this 2 albums.
Have been a YUI fan since 2006.
I would say she's a talented young singer song writer.
Check out her songs!

01 April 2009

Architectural 3-D Design

What do you think about the house design?
This is what we call "MODERN CONCEPT".
I spent 2 days on this and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome.
This is actually my first time completing a house design.
I used to design years ago but I never once complete it.
The reason is because I didn't understand the use of some tools.
This is a part of the aerial of the house which I captured.
No..I'm not boasting but I do have a little talent eh?..lol..