01 May 2009

My Family ♥ Food

Since the title says "food". You must be wondering why there's a scenery pic and not food pic!!
Well, this is how it goes .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
It's Labour Day today and there's a Company Buffet in the afternoon.
After the buffet, my family decided to go down to KLCC for shopping.
So, we drove to KLCC at about 2.30pm.
When we reached there, we have problem with parkings since it's a public holiday.
Then, we decided to go somewhere else rather than wasting time looking for parking.
On the way down, my parents suggested we go to Taman Mega for food.
and YES!!We went there for some food and strolled around the Pet Shop.
After that, our next stop was Banting as they wanted to make some "Chicken" booking for next Sunday.
There, again we had food. The above picture was taken during our stop for seafood by the sea.
Before I could digest, food food food and food .. .. .. ..
It's like I've been eating for the whole time today which equals to a 5 days meal to me.
I hope I can take it since I have not been eating that much for a long time already.
Afterall, my family enjoys food alot.
We travel all over for food!! It's not really a bad thing but I just hope that I don't gain weight!
That's all .. !!

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