10 July 2009


This is it .. 1 week of lecture had passed!
It's hard to describe my feelings for this first week but there's something for sure I know which is I'M REALLY SUPER DUPERLY TIRED!!
Can I sleep for the whole day tomorrow?!
Even so I could, I don't think I might be able to sleep for 24hours to replace back all those times. Isn't it true?!
Anyhow, I guess I'll get use to it in no time!

As for today, or to be more specific; this morning, our seniors made a presentation on their 1month trip in Japan.
It was somehow a very challenging and experience trip as what they have told 14 of us!
We were told to grab on this oppurtunity to join this programme which is FREE(scholarship) if we had a chance in future!!
That sounds really cool but somewhat I don't really feel thrilled or anything! Something is wrong with me!
Probably because of my tiredness that makes me a different person! *laughzz*

Guess what?! I was really careless today that I lost my left contact lense!!
Arggghh .. I'm really going crazy!!
Blame my tiredness and I have to wear my specs for 2 weeks!!

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