22 August 2009

Slumber Party

Weee! Marina came over to stay yesterday and we threw a party last night.
First, we did bookmarks and then we had porridge for supper.
After that, we have our GIRLS TALK and read fashion magazines together.
That's what girls do, don't they?! lol
She'll be flying back to Japan tomorrow night.
Hope to see her again.

19 August 2009

Let's Sing!

A group of us went for Karaoke yesterday.
Well, it has been some time since I last went.
This time was Redbox and it's my first time actually.
We got up early in the morning to pick up Marina and drove down to The Gardens for this!
Sang for about 3 hours and then went shopping for a while.
I managed to get a pair of scandals which I have been eyeing for some time already.
Other than that, nothing else .. No clothes for the day!

14 August 2009

Sem Break Opening Ceremony

Today is the first outing for this Sem Break!
We (Marina, Michele, Fei & Ling Tzy) went to IKEA for lunch.
Had meatballs and some french desert -Manzin- or something like that.
After that we went for PURIKURA session!
Spent some time there to design the pictures.
Later, came back to meet up with another friend for tea.
Most of the time eating and drinking!lol
I think I should spend more time sleeping too as I wouldn't have this much time to sleep when uni resume!
SO that's all I did today!

13 August 2009


いやぁぁ .. .. .. いやぁぁ .. .. ..
やっと 休みです。
今日から 始まるよ。
明日 友達と 一省に 遊びに行きますよ。
やっぱ 休みは大好きです。
いろんな事を したいなぁ。
休みは 短いですから 大切にしたいです。
だから、明日から たくさん楽しい事を したいです。
Let's make it a great day then!