22 September 2009

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan

Holiday has always been like that,
iPod-ing and NDS-ing in the car for hours,
going around looking for food.

Breaking all the dieting rules,
eat as mush as I can and while I can.

Spending hours in front of the PC,
doing online shopping and foruming,
not to forget watching Mr. Brain and BOSS.

Next to the nursery,
looking for plants and flowers,
unexpectedly admiring the water plants.

Came back home,
planning what to do,
and that's where I landed,
here in my blog .. BLOGGING!

03 September 2009

Stalking SS501

Here is my story of stalking SS501 today!lol
My friend, Michele informed me that SS501 will be having a fan signature event in 1 WORLD HOTEL yesterday.
At first I was a little reluctant to go coz I'm not those type of person who will go crazy after a superstar until that stage of stalking or attending events like this!
But I actually decided to go as I thought I wanna make it a one time life experience!
Still, I was not like those fans who will run around and chase after them.
Well, let me begin with the story already.
After class around 4.10pm, we left university for the event at 1 WORLD HOTEL.
Once we reached there, we bought some breads to eat as our dinner!*poor me*
Then, went to the event venue and bought SS501's album just for the sake of wanting them to sign it.
After waiting for 2 hours plus, guess what?? We didn't manage to let them sign or even see their faces!
It was to be our turn and they said they left! Most of the fans there were really pissed off!

So after that, I actually never thought of wanting to follow my fellow friends to the airport to stalk them as it is so not ME!!lol..
But .. I actually went there with them ..
There were also other fans waiting for them .. So I was like thinking no hope for me as I'm a really slumber person and not those type of super crazy girl fan..
Once again, I didn't manage to see the LEADER, Hyun Joong who was actually taking the elevator down.
Many fans were there taking pics of him. I'm such a LOSER!!haha
After for some time, SS501, all the 5 members walking towards our side as we were at the checking-in entrance and I quickly went up to the crowd/fans who were surrounding them and took pics..
They were actually right infront of me but I couldn't say anything.
I just took pics none stop and was a little regret that I didn't call out their names! *See!I toldya I'm not good in this*
So, they just went pass me and the 5 of them are really perfect and truly pretty boys!
Couldn't believe I actually saw them in real life! I'm not really crazy or anything but just proud!
And then after they went in, all fans were still stalking until they went passed the immigration area or what's that called??I don't know,SOORY!!..I managed to take many pics of them especially LEADER, Hyun Joong and BABY, Hyung Joon..Kyu Jong and Young Saeng was so cool that they hardly wave to their fans!
As for Jung Min, I don't know why I always miss him out..So far only 1 pic of him!lol..

And I came back home at 11.15pm. I was out for 1 whole day since 7pm!! Of course I didn't stalk them for the whole day as I was in university before I went stalking them!lol..
This is the experience I had today! You can call that fun but tiring!