24 October 2009

新しい ~Style~


16 October 2009


I turned 20 today
Soon I will not be called a teenager
I think I'm just not getting use to it

I missed being a kid
I don't wanna grow up
But I still have to live on ,growing old

I always wish to be an adult
This was back back then
It was because I hated school

When I came to a certain age
I didn't want to grow up
Cos I think I'm not ready yet

Whatever it is..
I'm now 20
Moving forward in life

Though this is not easy
But I'll try to make it seems like
This is the 20 year old ME

15 October 2009

Birthday Messages

今日 先生に バスデイカードをもらった。
先生が 書いたメーセジを感動した。
中に 麻衣ちゃんが 作ったカードだ。
麻衣ちゃんが 上手だね。



02 October 2009

My Pet,Loliblast

Introducing "Loliblast", my pet from PET SOCIETY.
From no where, I received a Loliblast Plushie sent from Pahang.
It really freaks me out at first cos I wasn't expecting any delivery from Pos Laju.
The time I open the package, the first thing I saw was the feet and I thought it was a doll.
At that moment, it seriously freaks me out as I thought "ISs this a PRANK or whaaattt??"
Or maybe kena JAMPI or something like that which makes me feel really uneasy.
Then, guess what I did next?? I kept on telling mum that I don't know who the sender is and I thought I should leave it aside as I don't dare to take it out from the package.
Afraid it might really FREAK ME OUT when I see something unpleasant, you get what I mean?..
What I imagined was like a horrible ugly doll with scary notes on the face!!~LAUGH TILL U DROP~
It really bothers me alot at that time. I kept on try to figure out who was the one who is so evil!!~LAUGH OUT~
Meantime, mum was FREAKed out too since I said those scary stuff and I actually also tried to convince her to bring out the doll from the package.
Know why??Cos at the same time I wanted to see what type of face does the doll has even though it's scaryy!~AHA~
Minutes later, after trying to figure out who was the sender, I decided to make a move and brought the doll out from the package.
On it, there was a tiny card which says >HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY & HAPPY PET SOCIETYING! From,NELLY<
LAUGH DIE ME ... Thisss isss tooooo muccchhhh!!! Out of no where all of a sudden~
Mum and I kinda got PRANKED!! WE LAUGHed TILL WE DROP!!
So, that's where I got my pet, Loliblast and that's my 1st 20th Birthday present!
Pretty exciting and at the same time horrifying for the 1st Birthday present!
Anyways, THANKsss, NELLYyyyyyy!