02 October 2009

My Pet,Loliblast

Introducing "Loliblast", my pet from PET SOCIETY.
From no where, I received a Loliblast Plushie sent from Pahang.
It really freaks me out at first cos I wasn't expecting any delivery from Pos Laju.
The time I open the package, the first thing I saw was the feet and I thought it was a doll.
At that moment, it seriously freaks me out as I thought "ISs this a PRANK or whaaattt??"
Or maybe kena JAMPI or something like that which makes me feel really uneasy.
Then, guess what I did next?? I kept on telling mum that I don't know who the sender is and I thought I should leave it aside as I don't dare to take it out from the package.
Afraid it might really FREAK ME OUT when I see something unpleasant, you get what I mean?..
What I imagined was like a horrible ugly doll with scary notes on the face!!~LAUGH TILL U DROP~
It really bothers me alot at that time. I kept on try to figure out who was the one who is so evil!!~LAUGH OUT~
Meantime, mum was FREAKed out too since I said those scary stuff and I actually also tried to convince her to bring out the doll from the package.
Know why??Cos at the same time I wanted to see what type of face does the doll has even though it's scaryy!~AHA~
Minutes later, after trying to figure out who was the sender, I decided to make a move and brought the doll out from the package.
On it, there was a tiny card which says >HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY & HAPPY PET SOCIETYING! From,NELLY<
LAUGH DIE ME ... Thisss isss tooooo muccchhhh!!! Out of no where all of a sudden~
Mum and I kinda got PRANKED!! WE LAUGHed TILL WE DROP!!
So, that's where I got my pet, Loliblast and that's my 1st 20th Birthday present!
Pretty exciting and at the same time horrifying for the 1st Birthday present!
Anyways, THANKsss, NELLYyyyyyy!

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  1. so nice leh... got a pet society de doll as present... lol... and u really think till so scary tim ah... hahaha...