30 December 2009


How's that?? ....
I'm not sure whether any of you remember bout this pic.
It has been years ago where this pic of this place was spread through email saying that there's an indoor beach type in Japan where you can go there any season of the year as it's hot all year round.
Actually, to be exact, it's not a beach but an indoor waterpark something like SUNWAY LAGOON but in HAWAIIAN style!
Went there last night to watch the famous HULA GIRLS performance and seriously I couldn't stand the heat.
I did rather die from coldness than the heat!
Also, supposed to go to the waterpark today but after experienced the last night heat, honestly told my host family I didn't want to go back there.
Afterall, I don't really fancy waterpark and even when I'm back in Malaysia, I think I've only went to LAGOON for not more than 3 times?!!..
Uhhh .... I guess that's all for today!
Oh YEAH!..Before signing off, I just wanna share something..
I'll be going to ......

... & ...
on the Jan 5th!..
ENVY ME!~lol~

28 December 2009


Yesterday transferred to 2nd host in "FUKUSHIMA".
From "RIGHT" to "LEFT" - - TOWAE , ME , MAMA - -
Scenery back there is the PACIFIC OCEAN!
This host famlily I'm stayin' with now is .. ..
Hrmphhh....Not sure whether to say LUCKY or ??
What I was tryin to say is that my host family's grandson is in Malaysia and is my mum's friend's YE
What a coincidence right?? There's also a story behind this.
My host dad actually said he was the one who decide which place we are suppose to go(since he's the YE Chairperson of LC), and ...
At first, he was actually thinking whether to take me in or the other girl in base on our biodata and everthing.
Anddd.....Guess what??...I think I'm the lucky one to be here orelse I'll be in IWATE now!!
Whats more is that .... Okaeyyy .... I think I did better not tell in here ... ~LOL~
Well, a week of stay here with them and I'm back to Malaysia!
YADAAaaaaaaa ~

25 December 2009


Wishing everyone a ...

This year will be a little special since I`ll have a WHITE XMAS!
Xmas Eve was really cool too..
Never had a wonderful one before and I guess that`s the best one in my life so far!
Why was it so special, you might be thinking?!

It`s because....


Nooo, not telling in here coz it might sound alittle weird.
Overall, it was kinda fun, weird , funny and different I would say!
Hrmppp....That`s all from me today!
Once again wishing my family, friends, cousins, relatives and everyone that I know whether we`re close or not..but who cares..

22 December 2009

Message from 山形

Hello peepz!
I`m doing great here in 山形。
It`s super duperly crazily cold here.
The whole town has turned into a WHITE TOWN since last Friday.
Uuwahh .... There`s so many things to talk about and I don`t know exactly where to start.
Since I came here, I think I`ve learned more about myself than when I`m back in Malaysia.
How should I put it in words..
Hmmpphhh .... Nevermind, I can`t even describe it myself!
Time flies ... It has been the 7th day already.
After this week, I`ll be off to 福島.
Looking forward to meet my 2nd host family!
All I can say is that I`ve grown up alot after coming here for the 2nd time.
The 1st time was an immature me and now, ..... I can speak and communicate with those Japanese and I realized I`m not that childish anymore.
Wuahahha..People who knows me well, especially my family might laugh when they read this!!
AndOo..Yeshh!...Got on WEBBIECAM yesterday with my family..
I`m smart enough to figure out myself the ways of turning on the webcam on this PC!!
Call me GENIUS!! 私は天才だ。 *笑*
-Greetings from suetyin in 山形-

14 December 2009


After a long wait, the day has finally arrived.
Excited, at the same time worrying for no reasons.
It's kinda weird that I'm taking alot of things in consideration these days.

Whatsoever!!!..1st host family will be in Yamagata Prefecture and 2nd will be in Fukushima Prefecture.
My guess is that my 1st host will be those traditional type of person?!
Investigation ... crimes ... managing ... director ... That's what my host daddie does.
Cleaning ... house keeping ... management and blabla ... You know what my host mommie do now.
Whatelse??!!..Might have a host sista!..and a host brother, maybe!
If YES, they don't live together ... That means, I'll be accompanying 2 senior citizens!LOL
Grandchildren will come and visit during festive seasons and will have a really lively or lovely time?!
Oookaee, my imagination is running wild already.

Now I have takoyaki, sushi, okonomiyaki, beef and all sort of Japanese food in my mind.
I wonder will I be able to step in Disneyland again along with Disneysea~DISNEY CHARACTERS~
Well, anythingwilldoaslongasit'sstillJAPAN!

行って来ます ~ I'll go and come back