14 December 2009


After a long wait, the day has finally arrived.
Excited, at the same time worrying for no reasons.
It's kinda weird that I'm taking alot of things in consideration these days.

Whatsoever!!!..1st host family will be in Yamagata Prefecture and 2nd will be in Fukushima Prefecture.
My guess is that my 1st host will be those traditional type of person?!
Investigation ... crimes ... managing ... director ... That's what my host daddie does.
Cleaning ... house keeping ... management and blabla ... You know what my host mommie do now.
Whatelse??!!..Might have a host sista!..and a host brother, maybe!
If YES, they don't live together ... That means, I'll be accompanying 2 senior citizens!LOL
Grandchildren will come and visit during festive seasons and will have a really lively or lovely time?!
Oookaee, my imagination is running wild already.

Now I have takoyaki, sushi, okonomiyaki, beef and all sort of Japanese food in my mind.
I wonder will I be able to step in Disneyland again along with Disneysea~DISNEY CHARACTERS~
Well, anythingwilldoaslongasit'sstillJAPAN!

行って来ます ~ I'll go and come back


  1. you're going to Japan??
    niceee, have awesome fun!

  2. Hey Hey!
    Yeppie..Flying off tonight..
    Alwight, will do!haha..