28 December 2009


Yesterday transferred to 2nd host in "FUKUSHIMA".
From "RIGHT" to "LEFT" - - TOWAE , ME , MAMA - -
Scenery back there is the PACIFIC OCEAN!
This host famlily I'm stayin' with now is .. ..
Hrmphhh....Not sure whether to say LUCKY or ??
What I was tryin to say is that my host family's grandson is in Malaysia and is my mum's friend's YE
What a coincidence right?? There's also a story behind this.
My host dad actually said he was the one who decide which place we are suppose to go(since he's the YE Chairperson of LC), and ...
At first, he was actually thinking whether to take me in or the other girl in base on our biodata and everthing.
Anddd.....Guess what??...I think I'm the lucky one to be here orelse I'll be in IWATE now!!
Whats more is that .... Okaeyyy .... I think I did better not tell in here ... ~LOL~
Well, a week of stay here with them and I'm back to Malaysia!
YADAAaaaaaaa ~

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