30 December 2009


How's that?? ....
I'm not sure whether any of you remember bout this pic.
It has been years ago where this pic of this place was spread through email saying that there's an indoor beach type in Japan where you can go there any season of the year as it's hot all year round.
Actually, to be exact, it's not a beach but an indoor waterpark something like SUNWAY LAGOON but in HAWAIIAN style!
Went there last night to watch the famous HULA GIRLS performance and seriously I couldn't stand the heat.
I did rather die from coldness than the heat!
Also, supposed to go to the waterpark today but after experienced the last night heat, honestly told my host family I didn't want to go back there.
Afterall, I don't really fancy waterpark and even when I'm back in Malaysia, I think I've only went to LAGOON for not more than 3 times?!!..
Uhhh .... I guess that's all for today!
Oh YEAH!..Before signing off, I just wanna share something..
I'll be going to ......

... & ...
on the Jan 5th!..
ENVY ME!~lol~

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