22 December 2009

Message from 山形

Hello peepz!
I`m doing great here in 山形。
It`s super duperly crazily cold here.
The whole town has turned into a WHITE TOWN since last Friday.
Uuwahh .... There`s so many things to talk about and I don`t know exactly where to start.
Since I came here, I think I`ve learned more about myself than when I`m back in Malaysia.
How should I put it in words..
Hmmpphhh .... Nevermind, I can`t even describe it myself!
Time flies ... It has been the 7th day already.
After this week, I`ll be off to 福島.
Looking forward to meet my 2nd host family!
All I can say is that I`ve grown up alot after coming here for the 2nd time.
The 1st time was an immature me and now, ..... I can speak and communicate with those Japanese and I realized I`m not that childish anymore.
Wuahahha..People who knows me well, especially my family might laugh when they read this!!
AndOo..Yeshh!...Got on WEBBIECAM yesterday with my family..
I`m smart enough to figure out myself the ways of turning on the webcam on this PC!!
Call me GENIUS!! 私は天才だ。 *笑*
-Greetings from suetyin in 山形-

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