28 March 2010

Here I Come

Time flies..
4 days more to go and I'm off to Japan again.
For one second I'm excited, the other second I don't feel anything.
Hrmmph..Maybe it's because this trip will be slightly different from the previous one.
I'm sure to miss lots of stuff back here even though it's not like I'll be going there for 1 year or so, still..
Won't get to watch my fav KBS Dramas for a month!!!!
That's not really important but I really love "MASTER OF STUDY" and "SLAVE HUNTERS"!!
Anyhow, prays that everything goes well there.
I'll be in DEEP S***T when I'm back .. for EXAM!
Maybe that's the thing that worries me the most.


  1. so fun one go so many times. sangat jeles, haha. whats the trip for this time?

  2. Hi Miche!!
    Long time no see..
    Workin already or still studyin?
    Catch up with you again in May.
    This trip uh..STUDY Trip under Uni..aha

  3. cool cool. study trip how wan?
    haven't find work yet :D, but still studying lar.