29 April 2010


I really LOVE this BEACH.
It's called MARBLE BEACH.
The first week we arrived, this is the place we came to and met some of them.
Now, before we leave, here we meet again for the last time.
Early this morning at 9am, everyone from the 4 countries gathered and walked to the MARBLE BEACH for picnic-king.
Played 3 games which was pretty FUN though the weather is not really soothing.
FREAKING WINDY out there and I was shivering the whole time.
Today's activity was planned by the Vietnamese before we apart since it's the last day.
Soo touching....

28 April 2010


Time flies...Just like that, 1 month has passed.
2 days more to go and everything will be the same again.
Back to Uni..exams..stress..assignments..and blabla..
Just couldn't express everything right now.
Felt a little confused and lost.
Anyhow, it's one memorable day.
Sure to miss those moments!

25 April 2010


Today's plan is to go to UMEDA's Hep 5 to meet up with Youko-san(host mum from Yamagata).
Really happy that she came to Osaka to meet me!
We went on the FERRIS WHEEL and had lunch together.
Glad to have her as my JAPAN OKASAN!
Never thought she will really come for me here in Osaka.
After lunch, we splited up and we went to SHINSAIBASHI.
I would recommend this place as it's a great place to shop.
Lotsa cheap stuff here from clothes to shoes and food..
Drop by here if you ever come to OSAKA!!
That's all for now, tomorrow will be KYOTO trip!
Looking forward~

21 April 2010


Stress!! Stress!!
Everyone is busy preparing for tomorrow's presentation.
Making posters and rehearsing.
I just hope I won't screw up tomorrow.
After tomorrow, we're all DONE and it's time to ENJOY again!
Alwight!.. Nara, Hep5 and Kyoto awaits me!

10 April 2010


Good Mornin'!
Today will be visiting a Japanese Home.
Said to be Homestay but more like Home visit actually.
Just a one day visit and we'll not be stayin in.
Todays temperature is 23℃ which is quite hot。
No problem with outdoor actvities today!
I want to go to USJ and HEP5!
Been really stress for the past 2 days with the group discussion thingy.
Seriously, I still cannot understand how I end up in there.
Coming week will be the same again.
Thinkin of it, freaks me out!
For the time being, I just wanna think of havin' FUN!
That's the whole point of comin' here, I THINK!~lol~

06 April 2010

Mission around OSAKA

Because the weather will be a little warm today,
here's my FASHION CHECK!
One Piece ~ HONEYS
Thights ~ ZARA
Boots ~ some brand from FITHOUSE
Mission completed but something shocking happened!
So dramatic!
We lost 1 member till the extend that we wanted to make a report.
Took us an hour or so just to look for em.
Lost him when we're in OSAKA castle.
Made announcement and also went around the police station to collect information.
I just wonder why this sort of unpleasant thing always happen around me.
I realized this is the 3rd time!
Anyhow, I should be thankful that it didn't happen on me,myself!

05 April 2010

Good Morning!

Sat for TEST at 9am until 9.50am.
Then went cycling for a while around the neighbourhood.
Feels so good to cycle below and along the SAKURA trees!
That' all for now~
and I'm feelin' hungry now!

04 April 2010


Went shopping in AEON JUSCO this afternoon for 4hours plus.
At last I get to buy this clothing brand.
Other than this, also bought lots of other clothing brand.
Overspent today!!~Obsessed~
Tomorrow, we'll be having a placement test early in the morning.
On Tuesday, we'll be going to OSAKA City!!
We'll have to complete a task around the city..
Sounds interesting, still scary.
That's all for today!

03 April 2010


Mickey Mouse Room Slipper which I bought just today.
Without one, I feel very...~YERRrr~...lol...
Only 100yen.
Today after breakfast,
we went to Rinku Town AGAIN
for shopping in PREMIUM OUTLET and to SEACLE AGAIN!!
Finally, bought the boots I've been thinkin about since I saw it yesterday.
The sales girl must be thinkin, "Ahh!You again."
Also, bought some clothes and a set of hair care.
My luggage=GONE CASE!

02 April 2010

Spring in OSAKA

Spring in Japan!!
It's a really nice season or the best season.
As you can see the picture above,
YESSSs!That's cherryblossom..
White cherryblossom because of the rain.
It might turn into pinkish tomorrow if there's no rain.
Today's temperature is 11 celcius.
I kind think there's not much difference compare to winter if you were to compare it with TOKYO's temperature.
This is a very huge FERRISWHEEL in SEACLE TOWN!
Went to Rinku Town with Mish, Ying Hui and Yuen Wan for shopping today.
First day and we went all the way out already.
Bought snacks and CLOTHES..Not yet..Soon=Tomorrow!lol
We'll have 2 days off on Sat and Sun which is our shopping day.
During weekdays, we'll be super busy attending classes which is really nerve-wrecking.
Oh well, that's all for today.
More to come and please look forward to my next post!

01 April 2010

Master of Study

Finally ...
Managed to finish the last 2ep of Master of Study before I leave for Japan tonight.
Indeed as good as Dragon Zakura!!
Watching the Korean version reminds me of the Japan version 4 years back, which really boost my confidence in wanting to succeed and get into knowing what I really want!
Many thoughts just came into my head after watching this since 4 years ago which really give me no regrets at all.
I realized it really change my life as I never thought I'll be who I am now!
Still, there's more challenges coming ahead of me from now on.
I will still go on questioning myself,"Why do we need test/exam which caused nerve-wrecking!","Why do we need to study?" and "Why is life like that?" and "Can't it be much more easier?".
Also, there's something I've always been thinking which is,
You tend to fail when you work so hard and yet you have no choice but to believe by working hard will help you to achieve something.
I think I've found the answer to that today, but I might not get it yet..
-It's OK to work hard and fail because it will give you the strenght/courage to overcome in life-