01 April 2010

Master of Study

Finally ...
Managed to finish the last 2ep of Master of Study before I leave for Japan tonight.
Indeed as good as Dragon Zakura!!
Watching the Korean version reminds me of the Japan version 4 years back, which really boost my confidence in wanting to succeed and get into knowing what I really want!
Many thoughts just came into my head after watching this since 4 years ago which really give me no regrets at all.
I realized it really change my life as I never thought I'll be who I am now!
Still, there's more challenges coming ahead of me from now on.
I will still go on questioning myself,"Why do we need test/exam which caused nerve-wrecking!","Why do we need to study?" and "Why is life like that?" and "Can't it be much more easier?".
Also, there's something I've always been thinking which is,
You tend to fail when you work so hard and yet you have no choice but to believe by working hard will help you to achieve something.
I think I've found the answer to that today, but I might not get it yet..
-It's OK to work hard and fail because it will give you the strenght/courage to overcome in life-

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