02 April 2010

Spring in OSAKA

Spring in Japan!!
It's a really nice season or the best season.
As you can see the picture above,
YESSSs!That's cherryblossom..
White cherryblossom because of the rain.
It might turn into pinkish tomorrow if there's no rain.
Today's temperature is 11 celcius.
I kind think there's not much difference compare to winter if you were to compare it with TOKYO's temperature.
This is a very huge FERRISWHEEL in SEACLE TOWN!
Went to Rinku Town with Mish, Ying Hui and Yuen Wan for shopping today.
First day and we went all the way out already.
Bought snacks and CLOTHES..Not yet..Soon=Tomorrow!lol
We'll have 2 days off on Sat and Sun which is our shopping day.
During weekdays, we'll be super busy attending classes which is really nerve-wrecking.
Oh well, that's all for today.
More to come and please look forward to my next post!

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