22 May 2010

21st Prezzies♥♥♥

Early 21st Birthday presents!!
[Nikki},[Amei]&[Sim], THANK YOU!!
LOVE IT sooo muchiieee!

13 May 2010


Emoticons? or 顔文字 (kaomoji) in Japanese.
I'll be introducing some of the emoticons used by Japanese.
I find it very interesting when I read about it yesterday from the book I got from the centre.
There's lots of them but here's some simple ones.
First of all, let me catogorized them:

(^0^) (^-^) (^.^)

(T_T) (>_<) (U_U)

(-x-) (-''''-) (=n=;)

Pretty simple uh?Try them out!

01 May 2010


Arrived at 6.50pm yesterday.
Came back around 8 something and after bathing, did packing.
Pile of clothes, as you can see.
That's how much I bought!
I regretted I did not buy MORE!!
Was reallly tired, still I did my packing.
Nothing much to say actually.
GLAD that I'm back HOME!
STILL, misses JAPAN alot.