28 July 2011


今日は特別な事をしちゃった!♪(´ε` )



嬉しいと言えるでしょね!?!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ





22 July 2011

Happy Days(*☻-☻*)









Happy Days means being 'Happy-chan'!(*^o^*)

I've been living a very happy life these days maybe because of holidays or?!..

I just wish happy days like that will continue forever!

A simple and comfortable life is da best afterall!!(^O^)/

Well, talking about yesterday, had a very fun outing with friends!

All we did was eat and .... Drank so much yesterday!
No!..Don't get it wrong!..Not that drinking..
Just that we skipped from one cafe to another an ended up in Starbucks as our final destination!

Hrmm...So that's all about my happy story for now!!
Hope to share more when I'm happy!~lol

13 July 2011

Summer Japan Goodies

A 2 weeks journey around the major cities of Japan!

So much fun though the weather is pretty hot that I've finally turned dark after 21 years!*haha*

Unexpectedly I did not gain any weight even after all the large amount of food that sometimes make me feel like throwing up!

My very first SUMMER JAPAN trip since I've only been there during the cold seasons like Winter and Spring.

I think every season has its own advantages and disadvantages so I wouldn't want to compare which is better.

Anyways, here's what I got from Japan this SUMMER!
First up is iPhone cases from Ikspiari, Disneyland and USJ

Cosmetics that I've always wanted ~ INTEGRATE
Base, foundation, loose poweder

Samantha Vega Leather Bag with ShellieMay charms on

Lastly, my love items!
CLothing from Cecil Mcbee, Liz Lisa Doll, INGNI, Dazzlin, Secret Magic etc

This SUMMER HOLIDAY has been a very magical one!

I went to the place "WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE" - Tokyo Disneyland & Sea and also to the place where 'DREAMS ARE UNIVERSAL' - Universal Studio of Japan!

By now, I hope the magical wand will turn my dreams into reality!*lol*