28 January 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break started since yesterday and the first outing is to Tokyo DisneySea(again)!!..haha

Finally I completed all the top rides there and had much fun shopping and eating too!!(^_^)☆

This is my new friend, the University Bear from Disney Store.(^O^☆♪

20 January 2012


Woke up this morning at 6.40am and wondered how come it's still so dark as it used to be very bright at that hour.

Swept the curtain right up and didn't notice anything not until around 7 something where I was about to leave for class and "TADA" ..."It's SNOWING! This is bad"....

I changed into a thicker coat and had my umbrella with me and off I go to class.

Had a hard time in the snow as it was also windy.

Got my boots all wet and I was soaking in there, I mean my feet.
Regretted for not getting a waterproof boots as I was only wearing a mutton boots.>_<
I had my feet soaking in that boots which had snow=water in it for like 5 hours..

Besides that, I actually planned to go for grocery shopping after class today but because of the snow, wind and rain, I ended up in a convenient store to stock my food and getting ready to hibernate for 2 days as I don't plan to go out in this weather.*haha


13 January 2012

Re-entry Permit ~ CHECKED

After class at 12:30pm, I went to Tokyo Immigration Bureau to get my re-entry permit done.
It was pretty fast as it took less than an hour.

But, the funny thing was two days ago I went to the convenient store to purchase the Revenue Stamps and I actually purchased 3,000yen Revenue Stamps means there's like 15pieces of 200yen stamps. It looks really like those normal stamps where you use it for postage purpose and.... I don't know why, or maybe because people hardly purchase them at that convenient store I went to and the sales person was pretty shocked as he asked me a couple of times whether I really wanna purchase 3,000yen stamps!!..~haha
After he asked me that, I was kinda worry whether I asked for the right stamp or not as it's not a small amount.
Still, in the end I purchased it and YES, it's the right one!
*Should have took pics of the revenue stamps!~Yeekzzz

I don't know why they don't accept cash instead of that piece of paper or so called Revenue Stamps!
So weird!!!!!
Anyhow, I got it done and I'm going HOME!!!
Just wanna getaway from the coldness for some time as I know I might be complaining about the hot weather back there.

I know I'm crazy but in this weather I had STARBUCKS Caramel Frap!
Plus, I was not having it in the shop but having it while walking back to dorm..(This is crazeee)
Also, I have not fully recovered from cough and flu and I hope it won't get worst.
Not only that, I also had Green Tea Parfait for lunch!~haha
I'm killin myself~lol

09 January 2012

Mess Up

Look how messy it gets when I have to study for test and exam.

Finals is just around the corner and at the same time I still have test to sit for before the finals.

My table is filled with papers, notes, and unnecessary items.

I was too tired or sick of revising and I thought I should just blog to waste some time.~lol

I think the cold weather is making me so lazy and gloomy as well.

Every time I plan to study at that certain time, I ended up playing games and lazing around (not on the bed but in front of my lappie)

I know this sounds ridiculous but I am missing the heat back in MALAYSIA!

The cold weather here just make you wanna sleep in for the whole day doing nothing except for the most important thing which is EATING!!

Well, I did better go and finish up my work now before I end up playing games again.

Till then..