28 August 2012

♥ at First Sight

My favourite pair of wedges for the time being.

Got this for around 2000 plus yen only during Shibuya Final Bargain Sales in July.

Now I regretted I didn't get two pairs or more coz at first I actually thought of getting the one in red & white stripes which is very sailor kind of style. (ishhh) 
But then, I felt guilty cos I bought too many pair of heels from O1O1 (Japanese pronounce it as Marui) on the same day already. 

This pair was LOVE at first sight! 

27 August 2012

iPhone Case Collection

Here are my precious iPhone Cases that I got mostly from Japan.

I thought I have like 10 or more cases but I actually have around 9 only!! 
This means I can get more!! (lol)

(From oldest to latest)
#1 Cupcake case from Ebay /  Customized case from Japan
Both also got my name stamped on!!:)

#2 Character case & Pink Panther case from Universal Studio of Japan (USJ)

#3 HbG case from Yodobashi (Japan) / Disney Valentine Case from Tokyo Disneyland

#4 Both from a Korean designer

21 August 2012

Fashion Coordinate

Yesterday's coordinate.

It looks so girly, isn't it? (LOL)

Tops ~ Olive des Olive
Cardigan ~ Pinky Girls
Skirt ~ Dazzlin

That's all for now:)

18 August 2012

今日のコーディネート (Today's Coordinate)

It's Saturday and time to go out for some good food!!:)

Today's fashion coordinate is sweet girly style.
Blouse ~ INGNI
Skirt & Belt ~ Rope Picnic
Bag ~ See by Chloe

Am using my new iPhone case!!

I have around 10 or more iPhone cases now!!haha

Show off next time!!LOL

Before I leave, here's a slapshot!~Slap Slap~

17 August 2012

Purikura in 日本

Here are some PURIKURAs I took in Japan during my one year journey there.

With the course-mates (Met up when they came to Tokyo)
It was during Winter!!~brrrrr..COLD

With ze Japanese Bud~

Purikura taken in Shibuya

Purikura taken in Yokohama

There's actually more but only these posted were sent to 携帯 (keitai) which means mobile phone.
Now only I realized that those taken with Japanese buddy were taken on the same day but different month. (LOL)
Oh! I miss Japan already though I've been there for a year this time:(

13 August 2012

The Curl

Which curl do you think is nicer?


I personally love the bottom one but in fact if you see the real one, the top one looks better.

Well, the top one is done by stylist and the bottom one is done by me, myself!*blahh

Haven't been curling my hair on my own ever since I went to Japan.

I once ask my Japanese friend, how long she takes to curl her hair and she told me around 5 minutes?! and I was like WHATTtt?? No wonder they can curl their hair everyday to class.

I can't even complete my make-up in 5 minutes, except light make-up with only BB Cream.*wuahaha



This was Saturday's outfit

One Piece ~ Dazzlin Moi (Lumine @ Yokohama)
iPhone Case ~ HbG

10 August 2012

Vintage Nails

I'm very into Nail Art these days.

This is my latest work on my toe nails.

All colors from O.P.I.

05 August 2012

Pastel Nails

Ola ~ I've changed my nails againnnnn!!! haha

People who notice my nails are saying I'm too free...

The fact is I'm super free now!!!

I'm having holiday break now.

It has been more than a week now since I came back from Japan. 

So, here's my latest gel nails.

It doesn't look that nice with short nails.

I so wanna have long nails but I can't!><

I need to keep short nails to play the piano!huhu

I know you might get bored since the few latest post are also on nail art.. uhaha

Till then...

02 August 2012

Sweet Nails

I've been into nail art lately.

I had this nails few days ago.

and then I change to this..

Repainted my nails and made the ribbons with acrylic.