22 September 2012

Purikura for iPhone

Let's create purikura with iPhone!

Since we can hardly find purikura booth in Malaysia (OK, maybe not that hard but still not everywhere right?!), why not create on your own using this cool app for iPhone!

 It's free and you can take it anywhere and anytime you want without having to worry that you do not have the time to decorate it, if you know what I mean. (I always freak out when the time goes ticking away and end up having ugly decorations or incomplete ones)

Here are the things I'll highlight to you which I usually pick for decorating my pictures.

#Step 1 Choosing background.

It's very important to have a nice background for purikura.

Lovely pastel backgrounds to choose from~

#Step 2 Stamping

To bring out the KAWAII-ness of the picture, you need these cute stamps!

#Step 3 Choose Borders

Borders to cover the sides of your pictures.

In this app, they called it "Wantacchi" which means One Touch!lol

#Step 4 Add accessories

Fake lashes or colored contact lenses to create big eyes and also speckie!


 Here's my creation with this wonderful app called "Deco Pic" by Community Factory Inc.

Download this app here.

19 September 2012

Life at Keio University

It has been a year now.

It was last year around this time, I went to Japan for a year under MEXT scholarship.

It has always been my dream to study in Japan since I was like 17?!

..and after all the shitty things that happened, hardship and passion, I finally made it, having dreams to come true.

Although I've been to Japan like a number of times for home-stay programs, exchange programs and holidays but this is my longest stay in Japan.

To those out there who are still striving for your dreams, I would like to cheer on you and just keep in mind that as long as you have the passion and faith, your dream that you've been chasing after will come true someday.

Don't give up even it's hard cos if it's an easy thing, why would we even wanna call it a dream, isn't it?!

Well then, let's start on with my life at Keio University.

A preserved building since the Meiji period in Mita campus.
There are many visitors who visit this campus to take photographs of this Meiji period building and also school children and adults who sit under these tall trees to draw. I call them painters cos they all look like one to me. You know why? Coz I went peeking at their drawing blocks and they're really good. Hrm, maybe becos I can't paint or draw well! Totally fail!

Next up is this stairs where I used to climb everyday to class. I'm already missing this stairs.
I'm already missing this stairs. I still remember when I first came to this campus and at that time I was still not use to climbing stairs cos we don't walk and climb that much back here in Malaysia cos most of the time we drive right! Then, you know what actually happened? I know it's very sia sui to say this but I'll still tell you since there's nothing to hide. You know what, I used to pant when I reach the top.~haha
Ok, that was like maybe 2 months or less than that. Cos months later, I got used to it and in fact, I'm loving it cos it's a very good exercise. No need to go on diet, can eat and lose weight at the same time!!lol

This building, so called the South School Building which is also a new building in Mita Campus, from what I heard. This is where most of my classes are held and on the 7th floor of this building where the lounge is and I'm tellin' you, it's amazing cos you'll be able to see the Tokyo Tower right in front of you without any obstacles. Great night spot for CC(campus couples)!haha

They've got a cafeteria in this building too which I've never been to cos according to most of them, food are slightly more expensive and doesn't taste as good as the underground cafeteria.

Next, this is one of the classes in the South School Building. 

So practically, I walk from Mita Station to campus on foot everyday which takes about 7-10 minutes.
I used to hate walking but after having to walk in Japan for a year, I actually find out that I love walking more than driving cos it helps to burn calories!lol
So I don't have to go on diet and I can just simply eat my favourite food and still not put on weight at the same time. Besides, walking is good for health k!

Alright then, that's all on life at Keio!

16 September 2012

Princess-like Bubbles

"It's a Sunday and all I wanna do is to laze on the couch for the whole entire day"

"I'm not a teacup Shih Tzu neither a normal one"

"I just tend to stay this small and have a puppy look though I'm actually an old lady"

"Many of them prefer me over my sister because I simply have this innocent look though I'm not as smart as my sister"

"I know my eyes are charming, you needn't have to say"

"Lastly, I love my life cos I eat, sleep and get pampered all day"

06 September 2012

Casual Thursday

Today's Coordinate is called Casual Thursday!

So lazy to dress up and put on make-up since I'm out for lunch only.

Polka Dots Tee ~ Ingni

Shorts and Tank ~ Online shop

Black Frame ~ SBY (Shibuya 109)