30 November 2012


Look of the Day

One Piece Checkered ~ Rose Fan Fan (Shibuya 109)

Got this sweet pastel dress from Shibuya 109 during their Bargain Sales in Summer 2012.

If I'm not wrong it costs only 1990yen!:)

I would recommend you to go there the last few days of the bargain sales as they will mark down the price and you'll have like up to 80 - 90% discounts.

So don't miss out Shibuya 109 Bargain Sales which only held twice a year, in January and July!!

Till then..

24 November 2012

A Different Sight

Have you seen me with my hair tied up?

I think after I left high school, I hardly tie my hair up.

Maybe because I'm sick of tying my hair since we are forced to tie our hair up (this applies in schools in M'sia tho) during school days and if you don't do so, you'll be penalized for that.

So, since I was a freshman in university and up till now (about 4 years now), I guess I only tied my hair for like not more than 10 times?!..

And here are some of the shots I took with my hair up.

How different do I look here?!
Somewhere around September this year.
Was getting ready to attend a family dinner.

Both of this slapshot was taken today.
Am ready for some Japanese cuisine:)

Another reason that I don't really like tying my hair up is because I think that I have a huge puffy face.

I always try to cover my puffy face with my hair down but from what I learnt from some hair experts, it is said that your face will look bigger if you let them down instead of tying them up.

At some point, I think it's quite true.

Still, I prefer letting my hair down for some reasons. haha

23 November 2012

Christmas Nails with Gelish

Here's my nails for X'mas..

I wanted to do French nails but because my nails are not long enough, 

therefore I came up with this design for this X'mas!

Here's an up-close shot of my nail design.

Color used is Sea Foam from Gelish.

We'll see how long it'll last this time.

FYI, this is gel nails.

Will come up with more nail designs in future.

Stay tune:)

18 November 2012

Look of the Day

Today's Coordinate!

White Heart Blouse - RM39.90

Leather Skirt - RM99

Blue Belt - comes together with another dress

All from H&M

Leather skirt is a MUST HAVE this season.

Love this coordinate cos it's very comfortable.

Wore pink sneakers from H&M too with this coordinate today.

Fashionable yet casual looking I would say!lol


Today's make looks like this

Fake eyelashes that I used is this brand called DUP - MODEL's SELECTION (Aiku Maikawa)

The packaging looks something like this.

Bought this when I went to Japan last summer.

I'm not sure whether it's selling in SASA or not but you can actually get them online too.

So that's all about today's coordinate. 

09 November 2012

Haircut at Number76

Today's Fashion Coordinate

White Lace Dress & Belt ~ Dazzlin Moi
Bag ~ Samantha Vega

After months, decided to go back to Number76 salon for haircut.
This time I went to the one in Mont Kiara.
Used to go to the one in MidValley Northpoint but because Hikky got transfered,  so gotta go all the way there to look for her since me and mum prefer her cutting.
Have been going to number76 for haircut since 4 or 5 years ago before they became this popular.
I know just recently, their salon is known by many cos of their involvement in VIVI magz.

This is before haircut. Looks messy!!
Picture taken under natural light~wuahaha


This is after haircut. Looks neater isn't it!
I know the quality of this pic is very shitty and please excuse me for that!
In this pic, you might think I've changed my hair color but nop..
It's the lighting that makes my hair looks darker.
But I plan to color my hair soon. Not sure whether I should change to brighter color or what but of so many hair color I've tried I still prefer this the best. 

04 November 2012

Birthday Gift from ♥s ~ iPod Touch 5g & iPhone Case

Finally got my belated birthday gift from ♥

It's the latest iPod Touch 5g that is not available in stores in Malaysia yet.

I love the color. It's nicer than I thought actually.
Cos at first I thought the pink doesn't look very pink.
From pictures, it looks a little peachy but it's not close to peach either.
It's more to the pink + red + peach = ?!
Anyways, I would say it's a very unique color.

Plus, what makes it so nice is the custom-made wallpaper by the PIXY aka ♥. LOL
Yay! Never expect to receive such a present that comes in a package from inside out.

and next up...

It's another lovely gift that I got from two ♥s.

A customized iPhone Bling Bling case with mai name!!!

Yeshh! Never mention before but I love stuff like this with my name on..ehehe

The case is so pretty that I can't help myself from staring at it every minute.

Now, I will have another item to add into my iPhone case collection!!Yeehaa:)

So, that wraps up my birthday gift for 2012.