04 November 2012

Birthday Gift from ♥s ~ iPod Touch 5g & iPhone Case

Finally got my belated birthday gift from ♥

It's the latest iPod Touch 5g that is not available in stores in Malaysia yet.

I love the color. It's nicer than I thought actually.
Cos at first I thought the pink doesn't look very pink.
From pictures, it looks a little peachy but it's not close to peach either.
It's more to the pink + red + peach = ?!
Anyways, I would say it's a very unique color.

Plus, what makes it so nice is the custom-made wallpaper by the PIXY aka ♥. LOL
Yay! Never expect to receive such a present that comes in a package from inside out.

and next up...

It's another lovely gift that I got from two ♥s.

A customized iPhone Bling Bling case with mai name!!!

Yeshh! Never mention before but I love stuff like this with my name on..ehehe

The case is so pretty that I can't help myself from staring at it every minute.

Now, I will have another item to add into my iPhone case collection!!Yeehaa:)

So, that wraps up my birthday gift for 2012.

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