18 November 2012

Look of the Day

Today's Coordinate!

White Heart Blouse - RM39.90

Leather Skirt - RM99

Blue Belt - comes together with another dress

All from H&M

Leather skirt is a MUST HAVE this season.

Love this coordinate cos it's very comfortable.

Wore pink sneakers from H&M too with this coordinate today.

Fashionable yet casual looking I would say!lol


Today's make looks like this

Fake eyelashes that I used is this brand called DUP - MODEL's SELECTION (Aiku Maikawa)

The packaging looks something like this.

Bought this when I went to Japan last summer.

I'm not sure whether it's selling in SASA or not but you can actually get them online too.

So that's all about today's coordinate. 

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