31 December 2012

SUKIYA in Malaysia

Finally SUKIYA steps foot in Malaysia.

For those who has never heard of this before

It's a japanese fast food chain restaurant which can be found in every bitsy corner in Japan.

So, what type of food they sell in there?

There's GYUDON (Beef Rice), Curry Rice and some japanese side dishes like Chikin Karaage (Fried Chicken) etc. but mainly rice stuff.

Here's what I had for supper in SUKIYA yesterday.
Top ~ Fried Chicken
Top Right ~ Miso Soup

When I was in Japan, I go there often for Gyudon cos it's cheap and nice!!yumzz

If you're under a budget trip to Japan, I recommend you going to fast food chain restaurants like SUKIYA, YOSHINOYA, MATSUYA and my favourite out of all this, CHIKARA MESHI!!(You so gotta try their "yakigyudon" which is grilled beef rice!! (slurpsss)

So, talking about SUKIYA in Malaysia

The one I went to was in Sunway Giza.

Here's the interior of the shop.
Pretty much different from those in Japan, I would say.

If you've been to the one in Japan before, I think you know what I mean.

In Japan, there are bar counters and they hardly have tables and chairs like that in order to save place.

Also, people usually EAT & GO, you know like TOUCH & GO! ^^


Families don't usually bring kids there for dinner.

Most people who enter the shop are either singles or working men.

You can hardly see women in there too.

That's why I find it very difficult to enter these type of fast food chain restaurants unless there's another person who wanna tag along.

But, sometimes when I'm too desperate or am craving for beef rice, I would't care much and will enter alone, sitting with all the working men there.

I get stares from others but I wouldn't care much anymore. (LOL)

It's part of the whole experience while studying abroad!

Love Tokyo Fashion

Harlow peepz!

I finally got to check out the Love Tokyo Fashion Pop-up Store in ISETAN KLCC.

The Good & Bad News is..

I did not buy anything. (LOL)

There are brands like Moussy, Sly, Nice Claup, Majestic Legon.. whatelse?!

Hrm.. Brands that I usually wear are Nice Claup & Majestic Legon..


I didn't manage to find any nice items that I like.

Still, got to meet up with these two lovely girls.

This is the shot of the day!(hahaha)
Pink Flora One-piece & Belt ~ Dazzlin
Earrings ~ cannot remember the brand (It was a X'mas Present)


This is the Slapshot of the day!

and before I end this post, I would like to wish everyone

Happy New Year!
Have a great year ahead!


29 December 2012

Post Christmas Party

G'day everyone!

Another post on outfit.

Had a Post Christmas Party or so called Gathering last night at a friend's place.

Decided to wear something that has Christmas color..

So I took off with this RED Polka Skirt..
This skirt reminds me of Autumn in Japan as this was my fav item during the Autumn season last year.

The full coordinate looks something like this..
White Blouse ~ Olive des Olive
Polka Dot Skirt & Belt ~ Ingni
Cardigan ~ Bershka
Heels ~ Esprenza
*All items are from Jp except the cardigan

This slapshot is without the cardigan and hair looks slightly different.

Now, this is before steppin' out!
Gotta show ya some poker face!:)

Yesterday's party/gathering was pretty awesome as I haven't been attending party like this for some time already.

Thumbs up!

26 December 2012

Christmas @ Winter Warmers

I know it's a lil late but I would still like to wish everyone


It's better late than never, right?!:)

So how did your Christmas went?

Thank God the world did not come to an end and we got to celebrate X'mas, is that what comes in mind? Maybe not huh!! Whatever it is, I don't really give a damn about that whole doomsday thingy.

All I care is Food.. Food... and Food...

Did I ever tell you that I'm actually a glutton?

All I have in my mind for the whole day minus the sleeping time which means for the 16hours, all I think is what to eat NOW?, for TODAY, NEXT, and THEN..

Ooopsiee, am I tellin' ya too much? (バレちゃった)
 Sowwie, gonna cut the crap now and get to the point.

So, I found this one very interesting coffee & tea house which is in Queensbay Mall, Penang.

I love the setting of this tea house (or coffee house) and it's a nice place for girls outing or/and also for a date. I think this is the place you should go on Christmas cos it just simply gives you the warm feeling you need on Christmas!(LOL)

I had this Herbal Chamomile Tea which is said to help reduce tension and also for those who suffers insomnia.
I like how they use those vintage teacups to serve us tea.

Tea for TWO

Oh Yeah! You gotta try their Lavender Cheesecake!!

I wouldn't say it's the best cheesecake but I would give them credit for coming up with this special flavor. They even have Rose Cheesecake. Haven't get to try that but if you did, probably you can tell me how it taste like.
and FYI, I'm a Cheesecake Lover!!

I don't mind eating Cheesecake everyday as my main meal. (LOL)

23 December 2012

Not another Girly Look


Another day of Sweet Girly Look.. Double OOPS!!

More of an OL look huh?!
White Blouse ~ INGNI
(Yeah! I know you might think how come this blouse looks like the previous post's blouse!! It is the same blouse.. Don't say I'm dirty uh! I only wore that blouse for a while only so I decided to wear it on the following day again with this skirt!!!)

Skirt ~ Majestic Legon (Japan)
*This brand is available for a certain period in ISETAN KLCC now, if I'm not wrong. I think it's located together with the FORUCHIZU brand. I haven't go check it out cos no time! Plus, I heard it'll be until 3rd of Jan only!*criessss
I need to find a day to go check out their stuff.

Pink heels with ribbon ~ REZOY (Japan)
*This was only like 2990yen after discount. Bought from OIOI in Shibuya during their Summer Sales.
Oh! No! I'm missing Japan! I wanna go back there to study! or maybe shopping! (LOL)

Close-up of the pink heels
Nice right?! Suitable for OL style right?!*shock sendiri (LOL)

This is the LOOK of the DAY
Curled only the tip of the hair and bringing it back behind my ears.
I hardly put my hair behind my ears but I stuck it back the whole day eh!!
Got improvement d!!haha

So that's all about it.

Till then!:)

21 December 2012

Today's Coordinate ~ Girly Pink

Today's theme is girly pink again!

Oops! I'm back to my old style again.

White Blouse ~ INGNI
Pink High-waist Pants ~ Gallo by THIAN 
( I hope I got that brand right!!)
Bag ~ See by Chloe

Very comfy yet girly!LOL

More pics below..
Pink Polkadots Wedges ~ BONITA (Japan)
*Got this very sweet pair when I was in Kyoto, Japan last 3 years:)


Today's make looks like this...
Hair Color ~ Jewel Pink (LIESE by KAO)
*It's a NEW color actually.

15 December 2012

Look of the Day

Never seen before LOOK!!

Well, my style is always the sweet-girly-type but today I finally decided to go for the mature-style.

To be honest, I feel kinda weird.

I don't think I really suit the mature-style.

I think probably because without fringe, it makes me look very mature.

White Top ~ Miss Selfridge
Mint Pants ~ Zara
Stiletto ~ Randa (from Japan)

Here's a closer look of my fav pair of stiletto.
I guess this is one of the most expensive pair I own for now..heehee

This pair is also love at first sight!

The moment I saw it, I know I will have to take it home with me..teehee

Without making it too plain, I've put on my LOVE item which is this beige knitted cardigan from Zara.
Please excuse me for the weird background.

and finally...

A slapshot before stepping out!!:)

I still think I need to stick back to my usual style though I love trying different styles at times.

So that's all about my LOTD!

14 December 2012

Rilakkuma Bento ~リラックマ弁

Hello everyone!

Christmas is around the corner and I'm sure everyone is busy with the preparations..

I love this festive season the most cos it gives me this very warm feeling which me myself don't even know why... LOL

So, I guess around this time everyone is rushing here and there looking for presents.

I know some of you might be attending some X'mas parties too.

Well, to cut short..

What I actually wanna suggest here is that you can probably make a character bento set as a gift or even make it to bring to parties (potluck).

As you can see, the 2 below is made for a friend as a gift for her birthday.

It's really simple, trust me!

What you need here is patience, that's all!

I made two sets since there was 5 of us and each of us had one Rilakkuma!!

It was actually my first challenge and there wasn't any practice beforehand.

See!! Now, you can trust me for what I've said which is "It's very simple!!".

Even a lousy cook can do that!!haha

The ingredients used is the same as my previous Omelette Rice recipe which can be found here.

After cooking them, shape them up into the shape of that cute Rilakkuma and decorate them in any ways you like.

For the decorations, I actually use mini tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce and also tamagoyaki.

So, what are you waiting for? Go try it out!!:)

09 December 2012

My Little Stuff

Currently am using this really cute iPhone case which I bought online.

It's made in Korea and I love the texture of this case.

Oh well! The little stuff that I'm supposed to mention is that cute handmade bulldog charm which is from Che Che.

I heard that Che Che boutique in Midvalley has closed down and I'm not too sure where in Malaysia that you'll be able to get their stuff now.

The things they sell in their boutique are extremely cute but kinda expensive, especially those small bitsy items like coin pouch, charms and etc.

Partly also because most/all of the charms are handmade and their workmanship is really fine!

What a waste that their boutique has closed down now. ><

Regretted not getting more of their goodies...

I remember they've got Hello Kitty collections too from bags to charms and it's super duper cute!!

I wanted to say go check them out but then I realized the boutique has closed down!~LOL

Well, that's all on this post.


Oh Yeah! If you're wondering where I got that cute mickey/minnie earpool or earplug or whatever you call them... It's from Japan's Disney Store!:)

That's all about my little stuff.

Till then!:)