28 January 2013

Bangkok Coordinate

Non-stop Bangkok Coordinate Fever!!

Today's coordinate will suit the CNY theme cos there's red.

White Sleeveless Shirt ~ Platinum Mall (Bangkok)
Red Pants ~ Pratunam Market (Bangkok)
Bag, Earring, Necklace, Charm Bracelet ~ Bangkok Market
Heels ~ Japan

Love the embroidered ribbon design on this shirt.

I actually wanted to make my hair like the owl's ear but kinda failed. LOL

Today's hair and make!!
That's all on today's LOTD!

Till then!

27 January 2013

Bangkok & Japan Coordinate

I call today's coordinate "The Bangkok-Japan Coordinate".

It's a combination of items from Japan and Bangkok.

Bangkok & Japan Coordinate

Blouse ~ Chatuchak Market (Bangkok)
Shorts ~ Zara (Bangkok)
Jelly Sandals ~ Zhoelala, Chatuchak Market (Bangkok)
Hat ~ Shibuya 109 (Japan)

I didn't wear that Jelly sandal out actually. I cheat one!! LOL
I actually wore brown heels from Japan. (No pic uh, sorry!!)

I love this blouse so much.
Got it from Chatuchak Market for 350Baht.
I know some of you might think it's a lil expensive, I mean Bangkok market standard but if you compare to those branded ones I think the quality is almost the same.
Plus, this is so much cheaper!!! :)
(OH No! The more I write about my outfit from Bangkok, the more I miss Bangkok)

Today's hairstyle and make!

Today's curl is slightly different from yesterday's.
To make the fringe looks like it has a little volume, I actually curled them.

Finally, in the car LOOK!!
Hats off glasses on!!
My Ray Ban wannabe glasses.
So tempted to get the original glasses since with the Siswa Card, I'll get 50% off on all glasses.
Still, it's a little pricey even after discount.
How I wish got people sponsor me!!!

26 January 2013

Vintage Code

Look of the day
Today's Fashion Coordinate
Top to Toe ~ All from Bangkok

Dog Print Blouse ~ Night Market in Bangkok
Polka Dots Shorts ~ ZARA (Platinum Mall Bangkok)
Pink Jelly Wedges ~ Platinum Mall

Close-up: Vintage Look

The Accessories
Black Polka Dots Ribbon ~ Platinum Mall
Necklace ~ Chatuchak Market
Bag ~ Night Market
Mini Coin Bag ~ Morning Market

Today's Make

24 January 2013

Bangkok Shopping Haul 2013 ~ Platinum Mall

Today will be on haul from Platinum Fashion Mall.

I hope this will be helpful / informative enough for first-timers to Bangkok.

I actually went to this mall on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day! (LOL)

Practically, I've completed scanning through all the shops since I went there on 3 consecutive days.

Here's what I think about this mall;

I didn't expect this mall to be like that as in NICE?! 

I don't know how to describe this but when others told me that it's a wholesale mall, I would imagine a mall something like Sungei Wang in Malaysia or some kind of undecorated shops with piles of clothing left unattended or something like that, if you get what I mean here..

The minute I stepped in the mall, some of the shops that are nicely decorated actually captured my attention!!

Here's the interior of this mall
There are tons of shops and you'll go crazy when you step in there cos you might get lost or get confused.

But, after going around for 2 or 3 times around the mall, I think you'll get familiar with it.

I remembered I went around the whole place twice or thrice and I came to know which shop is located where and which floor.

If you have time, I suggest that you first do some survey among the shops to compare prices as some of the shops sell same stuff, just at a slightly different price.

I remember there are 2 shops selling the exact same ZARA shorts and one sells for 490Baht and the other sells for 300Baht only.

So, I would suggest that you first compare the prices, then jot down the shop lot's no. so you can go back there again after you've decided to buy.

But, if you think it's fairly cheap enough, you can just grab and go!!

This is what I got on the 2nd day in Bangkok
Items from Platinum Mall & Pratunam Market
I know it's not much cos there's somebody there to control me from being an excessive buyer. (LOL)

 Black Skirt (left top), Color Shorts in Black, Green & Red (right bottom) are from Pratunam Market.

The rest are from Platinum Mall.

The ZARA shorts is the one on the bottom left.

 I also got a BEBE red cat sweater for 350Baht, if I'm not wrong.

There are few shops selling branded clothing at wholesale price.

Brands include ZARA, Topshop, Pull & Bear, Edc Esprit, H&M and etc.

I also got myself some accessories
Accessories from Platinum Mall & Night Market

The crochet colar is from night market which is located along the way to Central World.

The rest are from Platinum Mall.

I especially love this charm (pic below)
I see everything nice in tiffany color.

I go crazy over everything that is in tiffany color or in turquoise color.

I actually bought some stuff on the 3rd and 4th day too but too lazy to take picture anymore.

So, please forgive me as I already took the effort to take some pics on my Bangkok haul in order to share with you peepz who will be going to Bangkok or planning on a trip there.

I used to hate (hate is too strong) dislike taking pictures but for the sake of sharing some of the information with you guyz, I think I've worked hard for this already.

I hope you'll find this helpful for your coming trip to Bangkok especially for first-timers.

That's all for now.

I'll be writing about Terminal 21 next if I have the time or mood ;)

Stay tune if you think it's gonna be interesting!

See ya! :)

23 January 2013

Bangkok Shopping Haul 2013 - Chatuchak Market Haul

My first ever trip to Bangkok.

Many told me that I will like Bangkok and it's also an alternative place to shop for fashion goods besides Japan.

So, I finally booked a ticket and landed in Bangkok on the 19th of Jan with an empty luggage.

On the day of arrival, after leaving our bags in the hotel, we went straight to Chatuchak Market  (also known as JJ Market).

To my surprise, it wasn't that stuffy and hot as I imagined and there are many lovely designer shops.

There's a few shops that I really like and one of them is this (pic below)

I bought two very cute sleeveless printed tees, pink stripe shorts and one mustache earring from this shop (pic above).

Here are my loots from Chatuchak Market.
Loots from Chatuchak Market
The most expensive item costs about 420Baht which is that Liz Lisa polka-lace-dress (1st row 2nd item on the right)

Cheapest item is Boys' Stripe Tee for only 120Baht and 
my Pink Stripe Shorts (bought from that shop above) for only 150Baht.

Next up is this very cute & cheap accessories.

I guess this is the best ever item I got from Chatuchak.
Accessories from Chatuchak Market
Guess how much for one?

You'll be surprised!!

Only 30Baht for one. Even the customized charms cost the same!!!! Unbelievable!!! *drools

This can be found by the street outside of Chatuchak Market.

Ray Ban wannabe sunglasses and mustache earring that I mentioned before.

I was pretty upset coz I bought this glasses for quite expensive where as I can actually get it for like 50Baht or less than that. ><

Mustache earring cost only 20Baht.

That's all on Chatuchak Haul. 

Platinum Mall Haul will be coming up next.

Stay tune if you wanna know what I got from Platinum and also morning and night market.

Till then..

18 January 2013

Valentine's Nails ~ I ♥ U


I'm back with more nail designs!

Today's nail theme is Valentine's.
I've used the dotting tool to create the pink heart.

"Dotted white lines" are stickers I bought from DAISO.

The quality is pretty OK for me since I've not tried any other nail stickers before.
I've also added hexagons to give the bling or shining effect.

This Valentine's theme nails match perfectly with my CNY toe nails pattern.
I actually came up with this Valentine's nail because I know Valentine's Day falls on the 5th day of CNY and I don't think I'll be so free to repaint all my nails.

Therefore, I thought I should come up with something that suits both the celebration.

Since both celebration or festival has the red theme, so I think this wouldn't be that difficult for me to come up with something that matches my toe nails.

How's it? Feel free to copy if you like:)


12 January 2013

CNY Nails

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I thought I should change my nails to welcome this festival!  (lol)

So I painted red-white-polka-nails.
I love the pattern on the 1st toe nails.

I actually lay hexagons on top of the red dots.

I find it neater that way rather than having those uneven size of dots.

Feel free to copy and 
That's all about my Polka Nails.