23 February 2013

LOTD ~ Bangkok Style

Happy Saturday everyone!!

I call today's LOTD, 'Bangkok Style'.

Stripe Tops ~ Chatuchak Market (Bangkok)
[Costs only 200Baht]

Navy Blue Skirt ~ Pratunam Market (Bangkok)
[Costs only 180Baht]

Bag ~ Night Market (Bangkok)

Heels ~ SPY (Japan)

 Up-close of my outfit!
Necklace is also from Bangkok!!
Costs only 30Baht!!!!
[Crazy cheap right?!!]

Before I sign out, 
Here's my Slapshot of the Day..
Actually, am going for haircut!!

Here's the crazy one!!

Till then!!:)

1 comment:

  1. One of the most visited after dark markets in Bangkok is undoubtedly the Night Market Bangkok, proving popular for its central location and alternative entertainment for those not interested in the fashion.