31 March 2013

Spring Nails


I know I've not been updating my blog lately due to work in uni!

I've been working on my thesis now.

So I guess I won't be updating my blog so often now but..

I'll still try my best to blog at least once or twice a month:)

Okehh! I've got my new nail design to show off now!LOL

Since it's SPRING, so I'll show you what I've got for this season.

Nail polish is from THE FACE SHOP
Flower stickers are from Ebay and it's made in Korea

I've used 3 pastel colors here; 
Baby Blue, Yellow, Mint

And for my toe nails
Nail Polish used here is OPI
Flower stickers are the same as above

What do you think?
Are you blooming now too?haha
Feel free to comment and copy!

09 March 2013

Mystic Nails from ibd

Ok, I made up my mind pretty fast this time.

I decided to go with French Lace Nail in Mystic Color from ibd.
The color I ordered arrived 2 days ago and I was so excited to try it out.

Color is nice but a little hard to apply coz it's the traditional type of gel color that is in the container.

I think I would still prefer the Polish bottle type of gel color.

Much more easier to apply and it only needs 2 layers where as the container type needs at least 3-4 layers.

Lace stickers are form DAISO and also the silver deco on the thumb is also from DAISO!

Quality is pretty good!

I would recommend that if you're looking for cheap and high quality nail deco stickers.

Would wanna go back there and buy more!!!

08 March 2013

ibd Gel Nail


I'm back again with my nails update!

My latest nail design is French Nail with ibd Turtle Bay.
This nail design lasted for 3 weeks, looking still perfect even now.

Thinking of a new design now and will be changing it soon, any of these days.

So, if you wanna know what's it gonna be..

Stay tune!!

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Thank you!!