26 August 2013

The Skater Look

Hi Hi!
It's Monday and are you getting some Monday Blues?
I hope not!

Probably I wouldn't get that cos I'm off on Mondays! *slap me* haha

OK! Cut the crap and back to the main topic.
I know I haven't been doing this for quite some time and I think the picture also looks a lil weird.

The Skater Look from yesterday's LOTD
Tops from Online Shop
Skater Skirt from Pratunam Market, Bangkok

And the silly looking me begins here...
Trying to act COOL!.. but FAILED!

Trying to be CUTE!..TOTAL FAILURE!


Well, I'm not gonna comment too much and that's all for now!:(

18 August 2013

Woof Pop Nails

I'm finally back again with my latest nail updates.

Don't worry, I'm not posting up any vintage nails anymore cos I know you might get sicked of it already.
Diverting to Cute & Pop nails for now.
So check it out!

I've sticked to dog prints and ribbons only!
Don't wanna make it too complicated and only done it on 3 fingers on each hand.

How's it?
You like them?

Till next time!

05 August 2013

Ria Japanese Style Nail Salon

Hola! I'm back!

Been busy with work lately and totally got no time to keep update here.

I've got news for nail lovers!

You can now visit RIA Japanese Style Nail Salon for some unique Japanese Nail Designs!
RIA Japanese Style Nail Salon is based in Solaris Dutamas and it's opened from 11am - 8pm (Tuesday - Sunday)

Those with the invitation card will get 50% off on all services!

First timers will get 30% off!!
Students with student card get 20% off!!

Owned by Japanese and materials used are MADE IN JAPAN!
Here are some of the cute nail designs produced by RIA Japanese Style Nail Salon.
Sunshine (Para Gel)
Sweet Elegant (Para Gel)
Sweet Mode (Para Gel)

La Fleur Elegante (Para Gel)

What are you waiting for?
Check out their FB page
Call them up and make appointment now!